An Invitation and a Link

Invitation: Wanna go to a baseball game with Team Stimey? It is autism awareness night at the Bowie Baysox baseball game this Friday. Jack’s hockey team has a block of tickets available for this game, which starts at 7:05pm. All tickets are $7 each and are for great box seats right down by the field.

Any of you are welcome to come. You don’t have to have a Cheetahs player to come. You don’t have to have a kid with autism to come. You just have to want to have a fun night out at the ballpark. Profits from the ticket sales go towards a tournament between the three local special hockey teams that takes place over the holiday break this December.

Also, it’s my birthday on Friday, so you can celebrate my birthday with me too. Yay, me!

If you’re interested, email me at stimeyland (at) gmail (dot) come and we’ll figure out a way to do a ticket/money exchange.

Link: Why (and how to) pursue an adult autism diagnosis. You know. According to me.

10 thoughts on “An Invitation and a Link

  1. 1) If I could go I would go. Hope Friday makes lots of funds for Special Hockey.
    2) Happy Birthday for Friday!
    3) Read the Adult Diagnosis link…you are the writer I would love to be. 
    4) Fantastic thank you!

  2. Happy Birthday!  Sorry I can’t be there, but I suspect Canada is a tad far from Stimeyland….

  3. Happy birthday! 
    And, I hope the game isn’t rained out.  Major thunderstorms here.  :(

  4. Happy belated birthday. I am guessing the game was rained out. If there is a rescheduled date please post, we had a conflict last night.

  5. Sorry I missed your birthday – although I was celebrating my BFs birthday that day – apparently you share.  I guess really good people were born on that day!

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