19 thoughts on “Powerless

  1. Hmmm…How about pity and some more kids to help yours eat all that ice cream?? Parcel Post, maybe? (Seriously, it’s been a LONG 3 weeks of summer vacation!)

  2. Unfortunately, we think mom lost all the ice cream in her freezer. It is always heartbreaking when ice cream goes to waste. 

  3. No power here in my little part of Ohio. A state of emergency has been declared. Hotter than hell! Hope your electricity comes on soon!

  4. It’s good that you’re teaching those kids about priorities.  Totally can’t let the ice cream go to waste.

  5. Your neighbourhood even made it onto our national news this evening.  Eating the icecream sounds like an excellent solution to the twin problems of no power and excessive heat.
    We are shivering here in cold southerlies and expecting rain for most of the next two weeks – of course, because school is out for two weeks.  If we could only find some way to average out our weather and yours!
    Stay safe and cool, I hope your power is back soon.

  6. I am sending sympathy, this is such bullshit.  I suppose it’s better in the summer than in the winter, but maybe not?  Maybe the suckitude is such that it doesn’t even matter?  Anyways I’m sorry, even with the ice cream.  

  7.  Pearl was pretty excited, calling the younger two to see “Hey look, that’s where Mum & I went last year!” In retrospect, we were pretty lucky with the weather then.  I kept an eye out in case they showed your actual house, but would really be asking a bit much.  :-)

  8. Uh oh, when the power is out it’s nice to read a good book with your kids. Consider 
    Jordan & Justine’s Weekend Adventures next time :) http://jordangogreen.com/

  9. If the power went out at my house we would have to eat bags of frozen veggies and containers of homemade pesto sauce. Joseph would die. I hope the power never goes out at our house.

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