Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rain Night at the Ballpark

So, when it was pouring rain on Friday, were you all, "Thank God I didn't go to that baseball game with Stimey!"?

I'll admit it: even I kinda wished I wasn't going to the baseball game. Especially when we got there and it was still something like 900 degrees outside, but it was pouring rain and this is what it looked like out on the field.

That bright sky gave us a little hope though.

Not to mention that even though Friday was Hockey for Hope/Autism Awareness Night for the Bowie Baysox, Sunday is Cowboy Monkey Rodeo night.


Cowboy monkeys. Riding DOGS.

We clearly chose the wrong night to attend.

Except we didn't, because Jack and the other diehard Cheetahs players (and some players from a couple other local teams) who attended got to go out on the field and be cheered on by all 16 people in attendance.

I'm not sure if you'll be able to spot my family in the crowd.

It was really cool. Jack and the other players were totally into it. Jack did his flexed muscles pose and then he stood out there with his thumb in the air. He cracks me up.

But what is he staring at with that funny expression?

Oh. These guys.

So, those unidentifiable creatures are Louie (the green...thing) and Rocko (the rockfish? I think?). Evidently Louie is the original mascot and Rocko is a new secondary mascot. Because all minor league baseball teams need two mascots. I'm thinking of getting a secondary mascot myself. You know, to help Algernon out.

We ended up having a really fun time. The kids ate a lot of junk food, including 12 dollars worth of ice.

Quinn: "This is turning out to be a great dinner!"

I think the Baysox won, which is great. We didn't find out because we bailed after the second inning when it started thundering and then rain started pouring down. I actually wish we could have stayed longer because I was having a lot of fun, which is strange considering I find baseball to be, by far, the most boring of the sports.

But you don't argue with a sky like this:

(Not the moon, just a light.)

It's funny, because even though I don't like baseball, I feel like that's all I've been talking about lately. In fact, I have a report from an Orioles game we went to a while back that I haven't posted yet either. That'll come soon. Interestingly, it poured rain that night too.

And now I have to go because we have an early baseball practice tomorrow. See? All baseball, all the time. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Bummer about the rain...but sounds like Team Stimey made the ,ost of the two innings! BTW, I can't stop laughing at Quinn's expression in that last photo. Cheeseball!

  2.  He makes some of the greatest faces. He is also very self-aware about the effect said faces have on people, particularly adults. He's a funny guy.

  3. Our kids had soft serve ice cream at Sea World on Thursday for lunch. It was really hot and we were so excited to find something safe that Conner could eat (he's allergic to eggs, peanuts, and fish). Of course, Conner asked for lunch after he finished his ice cream and looked quite concerned when we told him the ice cream WAS lunch.

  4.  I think it says good things about you that he didn't just understand that you were feeding him ice cream for lunch. My kids would be like, "Oh? Again?"

  5. "All baseball, all the time."

    Dude. You're starting to sound like me.

  6.  Ha! I think I might have a ways to go to get to your status. :)

  7. So it doesn't just rain in Scotland then!

  8. It looks like it was great. My family would be all over sugar and ice for dinner. In fact, can I make that tonight?

  9. I totally would have come to the baseball game.  Except we were in the outerbanks.

  10. I was seriously considering jumping in the car and driving to MD to join you for the ball game after my daughter complained for the 5th or 6th time that it was "going to take a billion hours" for her play date to start at 1pm.  This started when she woke up at 7am and came downstairs dressed for the day and announced she was ready for her friend to come over.  

    But then I realized that I would just be getting there when the ball game would be finishing.  11 hours in a car by myself was pretty tempting though.  

    And what is it about Autism Awareness Day and baseball games?  Our local team is holding their Autism Awareness Day/Game today and the forecast calls for thunderstorms.  

    Sounds like you guys had a good time.  And a great dinner. 

  11.  Dude. 11 hours in a car alone sounds AWESOME. I'm here anytime you need me for an impromptu jaunt across a section of the country!

  12. "Thank God I didn't go to that baseball game with Stimey!"?Well, no, except that I was certain the game was rained out.  Also, I didn't buy any tickets.  [Is that a tarp on the field?]
    With that said - who can NOT like baseball?  I'm a Mets fan, from when they won the World Series!  
    If the Cheetahs ever host a game at Cabin John park, I'll be there.

  13. That rockfish mascot is creepy. Also my spellcheck says rockfish isn't a real word so is that just something you made up?


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