Sam the Brave

Guess where Sam is?

I have no earthly idea.

He’s at sleep away camp. SLEEP. AWAY. CAMP. Until Friday. UNTIL FRIDAY.

Imagine how hard it was to fill out that registration form for me, your resident control freak. I dropped him off at the bus pick up area today. He gets returned to the same location on Friday.

As for not knowing where he is, I mean, I could find him if I had to, but as I’m not the one who was driving him up there, it seemed like a lot of work to look up on a map where he is going. It’s not really all that relevant to me. I’m a little afraid that makes me a bad mom.

Not afraid enough to actually pull out a map of…Eastern?…Southern?…somewhere in Maryland, but vaguely uneasy.

I’m working on letting Sam grow up and become independent. So when I found out that kids selected to be on the safety patrol next year have the option of going to sleep away safety patrol camp and Sam said he really wanted to go, I sucked it up and signed him up.

It seemed like sending him to a camp staffed by cops and populated by other rising fifth grade nerdlingers was a pretty good way to start him off with spending time away from the family.

He’s so brave. He doesn’t know anyone else who is going and he still wanted to go. He embarked today on what would be my worst nightmare. We stood around awkwardly for a long time at the bus stop until I was able to locate a group of kids who also didn’t know anyone. By the time they got on the bus, there were six of them. I hope they stick together. I hope Sam likes them. I hope they’re nice. I hope I don’t have a nervous breakdown by Friday.

*me, nibbling nervously on my fingernails*

Sam could be having a FANTASTIC time and we won’t know until Friday. He could be having a MISERABLE time and (unless he freaks out and I actually have to figure out where the camp is and pick him up early) we won’t know until Friday.

I’m trusting that lovely, kind Sam will find friends and have a great time. I really think he will. I really hope he will. Oy. Fingers crossed. For now, I figure no news is good news.

Hold me.

27 thoughts on “Sam the Brave

  1. I get anxious just THINKING about when this time comes for our family. You are also brave, dear Stimeyland.

  2. I bet he’s having an awesome time. And I bet you’d have liked camp more than you think, when you were a kid. I grew up with undiagnosed aspergers, and camp was pretty much my idea of heaven. All that structure! Every hour of every day was scheduled! And they let me carry a copy of the schedule around with me! Plus the fringe benefits – no one trying to force me to eat things that weren’t white, no one to chide me for lining up all my shoes by color (chide? They praised me!) and if I didn’t learn my bunk mates’ faces the whole week, no one even noticed. ok, so there was that one summer where the counselors had some misguided notion about teaching me to swim, which involved me actually sticking my head in water. I did manage to retrieve my bathing suit from under the bush before it was time to go home again. Sam is fine. He is probably enjoying himself way more than we are right now!

  3. I think it’s amazing and fab that a) Sam asked to go and b) that you said yes.
    Good on you both. It’s a weird feeling letting them go though isn’t it? 

    Our eldest went on a week long farm trip with the Steiner school he (briefly) attended. Despite telling me he didn’t really enjoy it very much ( I certainly didn’t), the word from the classroom assistant who accompanied him and from the friends he made there was that he’d had a ball. 

    Everyone was brill with him and let him opt in/out of tasks as required. And he came home prepared to eat soup!! Mind you, I suspect apart from that concession he’d mostly lived off the ginger cake I’d slipped into his bag. I found cake in every trouser pocket. It was the best thing though (the trip, not the cake). A first step away from us and out into the world.

    Go Sam! Eat soup and cake and have fun!

  4. Rob went away for a week a couple of years ago, and I felt SO WEIRD. SO WEIRD. It went great. He came home and I was all HOW DID IT GO, WHAT HAPPENED, WERE YOU SAD, WERE YOU UPSET??? and he was all “Fine.”

  5. Sam is brave but so are you. Spending the week without knowing how he is doing is so hard. We went through it when we sent our nut allergic daughter to sleep away camp. It will ll be worth all the worry when you see his big smile when he gets off the bus on Friday and when you realize the confidence this week has given him.

  6. I am in awe. I was the child in our family who was too afraid to go away to camp. I regret it to this day. I hope Sam has an awesome time and you keep breathing. ;-)

  7. It is harder for you than for Sam I am sure!  Just so you know last summer my 14 year old son (with autism!) went to a sleep away camp and I thought I would die daily… was such a good experience for him – he came back so much more confident and proud of himself.  I hope Sam has a fantastic time and I hope you don’t develop an ulcer.

  8. I’m impressed! Not as much by Sam as by you. ;) And I love that the camp is staffed by cops and populated by nerdlings. When I am forced to send a kid to camp, I will need this camp’s contact information from you.

  9. Sounds like the perfect “starter” sleep-away camp–staffed by police & nerdlings. I could get down with that. Hope the week goes well–for you both!

  10. A and C’s friends had a ball at that camp -really well run.  They know the age and they’ve been doing it a million years. 

  11. Awwww!!  *Go Sam* and *Go You!*  I remember my first one of those camps when I was little…  Actually, I never forgot it, we had such a blast!  I hope he does too!!

  12.  Ha! More cake! I think the food was the thing Sam was most worried about. What if they try to make him eat—gasp!—a vegetable?

  13.  I think adding a nut allergy is a huge scary issue. Good for you for letting her go. I can’t wait to see that big smile.

  14.  That is awesome! I’m so happy that it went so well for your kiddo. I can’t wait to find out how Sam reacts to his trip.

  15.  Thank you for this. And I think you’re right. They seemed to have it down. But the not knowing how it’s going! And it’s only TUESDAY! :)

  16. This makes me smile all around.  Great for Sam — he’ll come home exhausted and triumphant and proud of himself (and sleep deprived and bug bitten and full of new experiences).  You’ll greet him a little more stressed than usual, maybe a bit greyer, but so proud of him — and yourself.  GOOD FOR ALL OF YOU!!!!

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