This Is Getting Absurd (Subtitle: That Poor Blanket)

Sam is still at camp. Which is good. It was weird to not have him here today. We didn’t have anyone to boss us around.

We went to the zoo today with my friend Heather and her kids. We all piled into my car and headed out this morning. About 5 minutes before we got to the zoo, Jack started moaning and saying he was carsick. I managed to pull over and was opening the door so he could get out, when he got carsick all over the car.

I’m just glad we didn’t have a domino effect with Heather’s kids.

Fortunately Jack had brought his lovey blanket with him, so I used it to clean up the car and then got back behind the wheel and we kept on our way. It was a bad day to be Jack’s favorite blanket.

“I’m glad we took your car,” said Heather. (It was also a bad day to be my car.)

Things got better from there. We had a good time.

We got to see an anaconda get a shower…

 We watched Algernon taunt a pitviper…

 We made sure to feed Jack a milky snack before stuffing him back in the car for the ride home…

 And when we arrived back at the car, Jack’s soiled blanket was still where we left it (thank God)…

Then back home to the pool…*

Altogether a pretty good day. (Unless you were the blanket.)

* Photo actually from last week, but the same thing happened today.


Hey, guess what? White Knuckle Parenting is back for a couple of weeks! Yay! I wrote about how things have degenerated at my house since school let out. My kids have turned into the Bickersons.

16 thoughts on “This Is Getting Absurd (Subtitle: That Poor Blanket)

  1. That sassy Algernon!  I’m surprised he didn’t take Sam’s place and start bossing the boys around…

  2. I hate motion sickness.  I’m thankful that neither kid seems to suffer from it.  What’s up with the milky snack?  Doesn’t that make it worse??

  3. “I’m glad we took your car.”  That made me laugh out loud!  What a great friend.

  4. Question…have you ever talked to a doc about the carsick issues?  I just got diagnosed with “migraine associated vertigo,” and they said one of the major indicators is carsickness…I know adults can take meclazine, don’t know if kids can…just wondering if there’s any way you could drug up the kids before long drives.  :-)

  5. I’m guessing nobody wanted to run off with the blanket!  I’m surprised you don’t carry a “vomit kit” with paper towels and regular towels and wet wipes and big ziploc bags and .. that’s all I can think of.  Emetrol.  Works well for motion sickness and the doc told me I could even take it while pregnant.  Safe!  

  6. Also, poor people who ventured upon the blanket while it was attached to the car!

  7.  I KNOW! It was funny because the parking lot was packed, but no one was parked on the blanket side of our car.

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