The Aftermath

An hour and a half after my last post, my power came back. I was so very, very happy. We’ve had power for three full days since then, but there are thousands who still do not. My heart goes out to them. And now it is raining outside and I swear to God, if my power goes out, I’ll…well, probably cry a lot.

First of all, I should let you know that the name of my “power” company (and I use that term loosely) is PEPCO. This information will make it easier for you to know what I mean when I write, “Fuuuuuuuuuuck you, PEPCO.”

I had a whole depressing paragraph all written here about the storm and its aftermath, but I deleted it. It’s been a bad week for the DC area. Instead I decided to follow my motto: When you have a choice between laughing and crying, try to laugh.

Like on Monday when I was at a friend’s house when her power came back and her son had the TV on within seconds and exclaimed, “I would hug the Wii if I could!” It was adorable. Let’s focus on the adorable.

Or inanity. We can focus on that too. For instance, I was coiling up jumper cables on Monday after jumping my broken car when a PEPCO meter reader walked by. When he saw me, you know, standing in the heat trying to make my car work, he doubled back and asked me to make sure to trim back the shrubbery in front of my meter to make it easier for him to read it next month.

It took everything I had to not punch him in the face.

Seriously. That guy needs to work on his timing.

Oh, and if it’s not bad enough that PEPCO was out reading meters (and making and airing pro-PEPCO television commercials) when hundreds of thousands of people didn’t have power, they also stole our fireworks.

That’s right. My county has called off all county-sponsored fireworks on the fourth so they can focus on storm recovery. Because if you don’t have power, it’s a better idea to stay miserably at home than pull together as a community at a holiday celebration. I’m blaming this on PEPCO.

This includes the fireworks that are two blocks from my house. You should have seen my kids’ faces when I told them. They’re little kids and they already hate PEPCO. I feel like I’m raising them right. But I don’t know yet what I’m going to do for them to make the fourth special.

It looks like this is turning out to be Camp Stimey: Crushing Disappointment Week.


Because I couldn’t think of anything else, I wrote about how we got through the power outage over at White Knuckle Parenting.

27 thoughts on “The Aftermath

  1. oh total yuck. I think you should have attached the jumper cables to the PEPCO guy I bet he would have forgotten all about the bushes then! 

  2. I grew up hating the New York power company. It is called ConEd (long name is Con Edison.) For years I thought ConEd was a person and I hated him for continually making New York have blackouts and making my parents very angry. They cursed out ConEd on a regular basis in the summer time.  Had I been a Spanish speaker, I may have thought ConEd meant “With Ed.” and I still would have hated Ed, that motherfucker.

    PEPCO should learn from ConEd’s mistakes and be a better person. Um, I mean, company.

  3. Come to my house. We fire ’em off in the yard (YES! I LIVE IN VIRGINIA!!!!) and we specifically buy the ones that don’t whistle/break your eardrums with piercing squeals (a trick we learned after the year Andy put tomatoes in his ears). Just let me know so I can run out and buy extra steaks for you guys. 

  4. *snort* I have a similar relationship with our power provider. I. Hate. Them.

    Hope you find a way to make tomorrow fun. I hate suckfest weeks.

  5. Come here for fireworks. We already live parallel lives, we might as well live the same one.
    I’m sorry about the storm and PEPCO. Which I keep wanting to call PetCo. I’m not sure what that means.

  6. Michael told the Atlanta power guys he who worked for 4 hours to restore us they  rocked.  And then he said, I kid you not “Pepco is not helpful.”  He is 7.  

  7. I don’t think we’ve gone more than a handful of hours without power since having the kids.  ha!  That makes it sound like having children will keep your power on.  I just meant that I know I would remember a multi-day outage with the kids because it would suck.  

    Many of our neighbors still talk about the week long power outage a few summers ago.  It made most of them go out an buy generators.  They had a couple of block parties starting with everyone bringing out ice cream and popsicles.  Then moving on to other foods that were defrosting in freezers.   

    And canceling the fireworks.  That sucks.  I guess you could watch A Capital Fourth on your local PBS station.  

  8. I am SO crossing my fingers and praying and maybe considering sacrificing something to the power Gods to keep mine on!  It’s a hundred degrees out right now.  Some people in my area don’t have power, fireworks are being cancelled left and right because it’s so freaking dry.. but *whispering this* I still have power.  Oh I feel for you and I think I might have head butted that guy with his comments about the shrubbery!  Good Lord – sensitivity training anyone???

  9. I should try to make more of my posts funnier, too, but I’m kind of a negative person. That was even kind of a negative comment. 

  10. Oh no!  How can you have the 4th of July without fireworks?! That totally sucks.  I remember 5 years ago watching the fireworks even though there was an active tornado watch/warning in the area.  I was worried but clearly the rest of Howard County was staunch in the face of twisters :-)
    I hope you have/had an awesome Independence Day despite Pepco.

  11. PEPCO is a really stupid name for a power company.
    Have you considered NOT cutting back the offending shrubbery and instead liberally sprinkling itching powder all over it so the PEPCO butthole meter reader will get a surprise on his next visit?
    Mr. Meter guy sounds like the guy from our church who came to our house before Christmas to collect a donation, found me struggling with a chain saw and a too-tall Christmas tree on the front porch, and without saying a word, he literally STEPPED OVER ME and rang the doorbell. Having received the check from my husband, the bastard stepped over me again (I was lying prone on the porch floor, trying to wrestle the damn tree into submission), and then got in his car and drove off.
    People suck sometimes.

  12. Pepco is such a funny name.  We have Slimco.  Trust me, this is in the middle of Cajun country and none of them are remotely slim.  They do a decent job during hurricane season, though.  Of course, every electric company for 10 state is helping them…

    Funny post!

  13. I’m sorry. The guy asking you to come back to trim your bushes made me laugh. And I say that as someone who once got a warning from the Weed Inspector for having too many weeds in our lawn and for being an eyesore. Freaking Weed Inspector.

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