Monday, July 23, 2012

Camp Stimey is Dead; Long Live Camp Stimey

So. Camp Stimey. If you've been around here for a while, you know that every summer I run Camp Stimey for my kids. I plan theme weeks and we do activities to keep busy and learn.

You can find a summary of most of our theme weeks over there in the right sidebar—or by clicking this link.

Camp Stimey is beloved, by both me and by a lot of you. So it is with great sadness that I have to say that I think Camp Stimey has run its course as an official, consistent activity of Team Stimey.

I'm sorry.

Part of it is that I've lost the energy to organize and plan it every week during the summer. Part of it is that my kids are older and need less structure. Part of it is that it is harder to come up with activities that keep the attention of all three of them. And a big part of it is that Jack is in full-day camp for five weeks every summer, so it is hard to plan all the fun stuff without him.

I came to this realization during this summer's Week One, which was Magic Week. Never fear, I will be regaling you with our activities. They include a knife fight. For reals.

Also, don't cry too much about Camp Stimey. Camp Stimey will stick around in some form or other. It's just that it will be less consistent and formalized so I don't feel bad when I flake on it. And I know none of you are all, "Why the hell did she take a week off from Camp Stimey?! UNFOLLOW!!!" but I don't like not following through on things, so now instead of being all, "Dammit, I have to think of something to do for Camp Stimey, oh, fret, fret, fret!" I will get to say, "I know no one expected Camp Stimey this week, but I set up an entire Olympic tournament to take place in my yard this week, which makes me awesome for going above and beyond!"

See how it works?

Also it's the end of July and we've done exactly one Camp Stimey week, so I can't imagine that this is a surprise to anyone.

Please address your comments and concerns to Head Counselor Stimey.

p.s. Do you think I could use the term "Stimey" more in this post?

p.p.s. Stimey


  1. Camp Stimey is alive, well, and running. We're all a part of it. You're just making adjustments to have more "free time", as many camps for older kids, rather than preschoolers, do. And perhaps more single-day camp events, rather than whole weeks- also common for older kid stuff. You know, Stimey Seminars. 

    Today, we had Camp Stimey! We learned about otter sex. But that's another story. 

  2. I like the idea of Stimey Seminars.  You should run with that!

  3. I love Camp Stimey. That is all.

  4. I agree, Stimey seminars are the way to go. 

  5. I ended my version of Camp Stimey, Camp Sweatshop, this summer too.  Mostly because the next step up was having them sew clothing for American Olympic Athletes and the little one's fingers are still to tiny to work the sewing machine.

  6. Our kids would get along famously....mine have been at sword camp all summer and with our swords and your knives, we could see who could makes it to the Emergency Department first.  Thing is, we lack gross motor skills which, in effect, render them harmless.  

  7. As long as you went out with a knife fight!

  8. Things definitely change as the kids get older. Somehow my kids aren't as into my chore system as they were last summer. Why not, I wonder? Isn't it fun to do all kinds of chores for me, just for the satisfaction of a job well done?


    I am looking forward to hearing all about Magic Week, though. 

  9. My summer has totally NOT turned out like I thought either. Still fun, just different.

  10. That's what happens with kids.  You think you get into a routine, you know how to plan your days and settle in .. and then the kids go and grow on you and throw all your best laid plans to the winds.  We can survive on previous Camp Stimey posts if we need to.


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