Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm Having Trouble Working From Home

Hi again! I've been having trouble getting stuff done, what with these kids all up in my business all day every day. It's a problem. Not surprisingly, this is what I wrote about for White Knuckle Parenting—Working While Parenting.

I'm still working on my offline project, which is of no interest to you, but it is keeping me from writing during my infrequent time when I'm not taking care of my kids. I plan to be done with it this weekend, so I'll be back happily typing away before too long!


  1. It's hard! I signed Josh up for a camp that's from 9-noon everyday but now I'm in the car all the time! I end up with just about 2 hours alone everyday - just enough time to get started on something but never finish.

  2. The Querulous SquirrelJuly 12, 2012 at 2:34 AM

    That's a great article and I'm sure reassuring to many parents who think they are the only ones who can't parent and work at home at the same time. I've always been astonished at parents who could. Parenting is a full-time job when the kids are around and a stationary, preoccupied parent is always more of an attractor of kids' attention, than, say, a Mom who is calling them to do chores. Even when you are away from them, it's still a part-time job of constantly wondering how they are doing and watching the clock for your next shift change. Once they reach adolescence that changes as they start to seek out privacy behind closed doors for themselves, but then you kind of wish they would come around more because you're worried about what they might be doing, feeling and thinking, if they are really OK and how intrusive or not you should be.

  3. Darn kids, always in the way.  ;) 

  4. I forgive you.

  5. *filler* I'm comment bombing you today. I'm also pumping milk at the same time. FROM MY BREASTS! Are you creeped out as much as I am?


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