I’m Sorry. This Is Kind of a Filler Post.

I’m still working on my big offline project, which is why I haven’t been doing much writing. It was looking a little sad here though, so I thought I should maybe post a photo of a cute animal. As I do.

So, without further ado, a photo of the cute beneficiary of my extra mouse food.

I like how he’s sprawled out in the middle of it.

See you soon!

13 thoughts on “I’m Sorry. This Is Kind of a Filler Post.

  1. I like cute animals.  Especially the ones with the ability to sprawl.

  2. Awwww!  Squirrel!  (Yes, NZers are a bit strange sometimes about fluffy-tailed rats.  It’s because we don’t have them here and we usually only see them in storybooks so we think they’re really cute) :-D
    Only thing cuter is a chipmunk.

  3. Very cute. My daughter always wants to feed our food to the local wildlife.

  4. My friends and I saw chipmunks in Montana.  Unfortunately, you are NOT supposed to feed the chipmunks.  Also, doesn’t ‘chipmunk’ seem like a mis-spelling?   
      We liked the marmots, and that was kind of an inside joke because – whistling marmots?  Wait – what?    Fortunately, I have great photos from that trip, and can prove that there were no marmots to be seen.  However, there were mountain goats and bears and etc.   

  5. Casual squirrel is casual and he wants you to pet him. Please try and report back to me how it goes.

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