Monday, July 30, 2012

In Which I Become a Hero To My Kids

You wanna know how to make your kids think you're awesome? Take them to an exclusive Nintendo Wii U event where they get to try out brand new Wii U games months before any of their friends.

If you don't know what the Wii U is, it is the next generation Wii that is coming out this winter. As a Nintendo Brand Ambassador, last Friday I got to take my kids to check out some of the new games that will be coming out for the new console.

What is a Nintendo Brand Ambassador, you ask?

These yokels are Nintendo Brand Ambassadors.

We were late because Jack's end-of-camp performance was at the same time. (Side note: It was MAGICAL.) We wandered in to find manic gaming already in session. My kids almost immediately disappeared from my side, which is usually a problem for me until I realized that if there were ever a room my kids would not voluntarily leave, it was this one.

 Picture this times twenty.

I didn't personally test many of the games, but my kids did. They are still talking about how excited they are to get to play them when they actually come out. All three of them liked all the games they played, but they were super excited about NintendoLand.

This is Jack gazing in adoration at said NintendoLand.

I have to say that the ethereal blue light in the room added a lot. I kind of wish I could have it at my house. I think Jack was more of a "I don't care about the light, but I want the Wii U and the fancy TV" kinda guy. (You should note that the new Wii U remote is wireless. The cord you see in the photo below is just to keep people like Jack from tucking it into their pants and taking it home.)

 "Mom, can I live here?"

Quinn even won a prize for answering a trivia question right. The poor guy asking the questions sort of didn't have a choice in picking him because Quinn shoved his way to the front and jumped up and down with his hand in the air. The trivia question was about features of the new remote. Quinn said that you could see things on the remote that the other players couldn't see so you can sneak around without them knowing and that it's a touch screen. I also happen to know that you can use that remote to control your TV and stuff as well, but Quinn didn't mention that.

Regardless, they gave the Q-ball this awesome hat.

Quinn wore it for a playdate today to make his video game-loving friend jealous.
It worked. (Also, OMG, dimple!)

I'll admit that when I first heard that Nintendo was making a giant remote for the Wii U, I thought it was a little weird, but after seeing it in action, it totally makes sense. It looks like the Wii U is going to be pretty cool. I'm excited about what I've already learned and I can't wait to find out more about it.

I know a few other people who are also excited to hear about it. Like this guy:

I call him Samario.

Nintendo, if you really wanted to earn me points with my kids, they would appreciate it if you printed "Tested by Team Stimey" on every Wii U box. Please?

Also, now I have to sit through several months of, "Is the Wii U out YET?"


Lest you're worried that I am too much of a hero to my kids,  you might be interested to know that I completely humiliated myself in front of them the other day in another Nintendo-related event, this one featuring this very fun little tennis game for the Nintendo 3DS called Mario Tennis Open.

I was totally happy when I got the game and set about taking photos of my adorable Mii in her tennis skirt.

Seriously? Even my Mii takes bad pictures?

 Oh. That's better. Look how cute and preppy she is!
The reason I was so busy dressing up my Mii is that I got to participate in a tournament last week. I was all, "I'm in training for a tennis tournament," and then I would flex my thumbs. I thought I was hilarious. Unfortunately, I am not also good at tennis, real or Mario.

The tournament is still going on, but I was eliminated in the first round. I'm still a little surly about it. I played against @hockeymandad and I SUCKED.

This is @hockeymandad.

I don't even know where the dude lives, but we were able to exchange friend codes and play over wifi. My kids figured out how to make one DS system communicate with another ages ago, but I hadn't done it myself. I have always been a little intimidated by it. Turns out that it's super easy.

Sadly, it was also super humiliating.

That's Mii, collapsed in ignominious defeat.

My kids were SO delighted by my defeat. They were all, "That guy is crushing you," and "You missed that ball," and "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"

Also they weren't wearing shirts. 'Cause that's how they roll.

And that is the story of Team Stimey's Nintendo Week. Hey! It was almost a Camp Stimey theme week! That counts, right?

Disclosure: I am a Nintendo Brand Ambassador. I attended the WiiU events at no charge and received a copy of Mario Tennis Open for free. I wasn't asked to blog about any of it. All opinions are my own except for those that are my kids'—those belong to them.


  1. That looks like a wii-lly good time!

  2. Your kids are even more adorable when lit with a blue light. But get those damn dirty hippys some hair cuts. (Said with love and I know how you'll take it because that's how we roll.) (I totally just decided how we will roll.)

  3. If I hear one more thing from my boys about the freaking Wii U, I am going to walk into the lake. That said, good to know it's worth the wait. 'Cause they're gonna be waiting awhile. ;)

  4. Joey thinks you're the bomb. Also, he got to play the tennis game in a ToysRUs on a 3DS, and he's awesome at it now. I suck at it. We should play it together. And my kids decided to be Ario and Juigi weeks ago. They'll be glad to welcome Samario to their circle. 

  5. And we totally need some of those mustaches. 

  6.  Right? It's like you've been talking to Alex. I've had to start using conditioner to tame the crazy. I like long hair on boys, as do they, but it seems like they've been in the awkward phase for an inordinately long time.

  7.  Ha! You can tell them it's awesome. And I'll tell Nintendo that it's mean to announce it so long before it comes out. Or gets bought by parents. :)

  8.  I think I left one in my car. Which is sad for both the mustache and my car.

  9. I think I am ready to buy one of these thingamajigs because I need to be able to do yoga at home and I want the thingamajig to correct me when I do it wrong. Have you ever used your gaming systems for yoga ?

  10.  I have used the Wii to do yoga, but not a ton because I don't really do yoga. I just do it when it is part of the workout that the Wii Fit Plus puts together for me.

    It doesn't really correct your form. It can tell if the remote is in the right place, but that doesn't mean your form is right. You do, however, have the guy on the screen so you can see how you're supposed to do it.

  11. That definitely looks like tons of fun. :)

  12. This would be our sons' idea of heaven! We would NEVER get them out of NintendoLand...EVER!

  13. My kid is totally pestering me, 'specially because she only got a WiiU cookie and not the experience!

  14. I am recommending a calendar the kids can mark off themselves so they do not have to continually ask you about when the new Wii U is coming out.  It can be their daily - after breakfast thing to do - cross off one more day.  Unless of course you don't actually know when it's coming out.  In that case - I think you're toast.  Sorry.

  15. That's really awesome.  And now I know someone who has tried it out and recommends it.  We'll see if my kids want the Wii U when it comes out.  We have a Wii and it gets some use.  

    The funny thing is the kids have a first gen iPad.  But what my son really wants is a Nintendo DS.  I'm not sure why other than he has found some youtube videos of people reviewing games for the DS and he wants to make his own reviews.  He likes Mario but he's not obsessed with Mario.  

  16. You're a hero everyday, but it's always nice to have the outfit and props to manifest it!  I love Jack's hair!!


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