I have all kinds of things that I’ve been mulling and I want to write about, but until I get the chance—seriously, will someone tell these kids to give me five damn minutes to myself?—I will give you this piece of photography advice:

Splashparks are the best place in the world to take photographs.


Oh, wait. That was when everything was turned off because of the thunderstorm. Yes, the sky is blue. No, I don’t get it either. Shortly thereafter the water turned on. It was all kinds of super fun after that. I wanted to share, like, 20 photos with you, but I managed to pare it down. My kids are cute. Also, Sam and Jack look EXACTLY alike.

Three in one shot! That NEVER happens!

If *I* can get these fun shots, imagine what someone who actually knows what to do with a camera could get.


Also, do you remember back at Jack’s hockey tournament when he choked on all that bacon? I finally got around to taking the first aid class I swore I would take. It was not only informative, but all kinds of fun. I wrote about it over at White Knuckle Parenting. Check it out!

12 thoughts on “Splish

  1. Beautiful pictures!!!  And a better job than I did at the splash park a week ago…all the pics I took of my daughter, she had her tongue sticking out. Apparently she was concentrating very hard on having fun….

  2. There’s a very small fountain / splash area in the Rockville town center – near the library.  It looks to be free.  However, it doesn’t come close to the one in your photos! 
    This reminds me – really need to go back to the pool at the Y.  If I had a flattering swimsuit, that is.  :)

  3. I can’t tell Sam and Jack apart at all. If they’re in the same picture I can but if they’re separate and their hair is slicked down then they are exactly alike. Crazy. Thank goodness for Quinn and his golden hair.

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