Algernon’s Indentured Servitude (a.k.a. Goin’ to BlogHer!)

Oh, hey, Algernon! Whatcha up to?

Well. You say you’re going on a trip? You say you’re going to BlogHer? Well, you can’t go like that! No. I don’t mean the hat. I mean the filth.

Quiet down now, Algernon. It’s not going to be that long in there. Just take a deep breath and close your eyes.

Seriously, Algernon, fighting is just going to make it last longer. Back…in… the…machine…with…you!

Ah, that’s better. Now you are…marginally cleaner. Get to work assembling my luggage tags, okay?

No, it’s not that many, and your tiny paws are perfect for the job. Plus, this is how you earn your trip to the conference.

Excellent job! Now we can relax and start looking for photo ops. Friends again? Cool.

15 thoughts on “Algernon’s Indentured Servitude (a.k.a. Goin’ to BlogHer!)

  1. I seriously wish I lived near you. I would love to hang out with you. Love your Blog. It frequently has me laughing. Thanks!

  2. I have heard through the grapevine that you are being honored at BlogHer as a Voice of the Year.  Congratulations!  

    I”m glad Algernon got cleaned up for the festivities.  

  3. I am so sorry I didn’t hit you up for a luggage tag when I saw you there! :( I hope you had as awesome a time as I did. 

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