Cali Fun in the Not Sun

Team Stimey is having a great time in California, although we have reached super saturation whining levels by one particular small, blond dude. He’s been equal parts awesome though too, especially considering all the together time and forced walking tours we’ve taken.

This next photo was taken before some lady stood directly in front of Quinn’s viewfinder, which caused an epic meltdown, unnoticed by said Worst Lady in the World.

If only they weren’t so raggedy and hooded. This would be our Christmas card.
It still might be.

Thanks to Sam, mini-blogger/photographer in training, we actually have proof that I was on this vacation. That almost never happens.

Me! In California! See also, Alex.

We went to a beach today because that was what Quinn wanted to do while on vacation. (Sam wanted to order room service; we did that yesterday.) We drove down the coast a ways to the coldest goddamn beach in the world. We were greeted by 800 seagulls hellbent on stealing our lunch. They were not fucking around, those birds.

We kind of assumed that no one would want to go in the FREEZING ocean, but we were wrong. (It’s like we’re new around here.) Fortunately after they ran into the ocean and got their clothes all wet, we had dry swimsuits for them to change into. We’re a little backwards around here.

Cold schmold. The ocean is fun.

Tomorrow we’re going to a lake to feed…seagulls. I’m sensing a theme for our vacation. Last time we went to this lake to feed seagulls and geese, one of the geese bit Jack on the ass. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow!

24 thoughts on “Cali Fun in the Not Sun

  1. Love the pictures! You know, one thing I’ll never forget about my visit to San Fran is the seagulls. They were ravenous…and totally say, “Mine! Mine!” When someone has food. Good luck with them today!!

  2. So Mark Twain knew what he was talking about.

    I like the ragamuffin picture. But I kind of want to photoshop a “McKayla’s Not Impressed” pic onto it.

  3. I think you have two Christmas card photos there – the one of the boys and the one of you and Alex. It’s perfect.
    Good luck avoiding the ass-biting seagulls today!

  4. Forget the kids! Use that pic of you and Alex on your Christmas cards — it’s fab!!

  5. You need to go further south for warm beaches – try Seabright beach in Santa Cruz :)

  6. I am positive that I have stood at that exact wall in front of the Golden Gate. If digital pictures had been invented then and not just print pictures that are at my mom’s house in Texas, then I could prove it. (And yes, I assume that just about everyone who has been to the Golden Gate has stood there too.)

  7. You are really making me miss California right now!! Sorry the beach was so cold, but that’s the nature of the beast up there in the north. I have to disagree with you on one thing, I think the pic of the boys playing in the water is your Xmas card, I love it!

  8. I was going to comment that the picture of you and Alex is really nice and that you look especially pretty in it but I see everyone else already said that so never mind. Also there will be a really jealous 9 year old at my house when she finds out that her friends went to the Golden Gate Bridge.

  9. Awww, welcome to San Francisco! That’s where we live! Can’t say I’ve seen a lick of sun this summer. In fact, I can hardly even believe people have actually been experiencing summer in other places since its been averaging on 60 and foggy for the past two months! Hope you enjoyed yourself!

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