Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day

It seems to be the thing to do this week to post photos of our offspring on their first day of school. Sadly, my kids all left the house at different times today because, hey, I think I might have mentioned that they're all going to different schools these days. Consequently, I don't have an adorable photo of all of my munchkins. Instead, I have individual photos, each taken with a varying degree of success.

This one turned out really well.

Sadly, his school bus never showed up.

Sam was first to leave and gave me the closest thing I got to a first day of school smile. Look at his natural pose and totally sincere smile.

He had a good day and didn't yell at me until after he got home.

This next one, on the other hand, started yelling at me from the second he woke up. He was tired because he couldn't fall asleep last night and I think he was probably stressed out about the first day. I was worried that I wasn't going to get him all the way around the corner to the bus stop and up the steps of the bus.

I honestly can't remember if I threatened him or bribed him, but I was effective enough to put him in motion.

This photo might not end up in a frame though.

(Incidentally, he yelled at me after he got home as well even though he seems to have had a good day. We made him go to sleep early tonight.)

Then Jack and I walked back down the street to wait for his bus. I was pretty sure it was going to be late because it was the first day and all, but I wasn't prepared for it to drive right past where we were standing on the sidewalk...waving...and not even slow down.

If you were a bus driver, wouldn't you stop for this?

The the driver called me and I was all, "Hey, yeah, I totally watched you turn onto my street, drive past us, and then turn off of our street. It was weird." Eventually they came back and Jack very happily jumped on board. He's been very worried about school, and he was sick enough yesterday that I was worried I wouldn't be able to send him today, but everything turned around for him. When he got home and I asked him how school was, he told me that it was, "Awesome!"

Jack didn't yell at me at all today.

Also? In between all the yelling, my day was quiet and delightful.


  1. Think of me whispering, 'Yeah, the kids are back to school!'. I figure you don't need any more yelling at this point. Hope tomorrow is better. ;)

  2. Kate @ UpsideBackwardsAugust 28, 2012 at 2:26 AM

    Hooray! Well done all :-) Especially Algernon.

  3. Yay for back to school and some quiet. Jack looked quite content in his picture...Quinn, not so much...

  4. The yelling after school ? I'm so over that. Yes, I know, they hold it together all day and home is their safe space and I'm their touchstone and you know what ? Bullshit. STOP YELLING AT ME !

  5. So happy it was a good day for most! One down & one to go in my house. Next week is when I'm totally free...

  6. Oh wow, I just have to post. So glad to hear the boys all had great first days! I read your blog all the time, hardly ever posting...does that make me a lurker?
    A (long) story for you: Many, many years ago I had the same thing happen with the bus! It was my first day of kindergarten and because of my ultra-small size (man, I miss the days when I had an ultra-small size, but I digress), the principal decided I should ride the bus to school. I lived on the veeeerrry edge of a very small town, but right on the major highway that comes thru town = they decided the bus would just stop and pick me up vs. little ol' me walking all the way across town to school.
    So there I was, timid, but somewhat excited to go to school for the very first time, my mom holding my sister in her arms on the front step, both waving to me happily (I'm sure my mom was thinking "Yeah!! I finallly have one in school, amen!). There I am, standing on the curb of a major highway and here comes the bus! I can see it! I'm going to ride the bus to school AND....it blew right by me. The only slow down was because it was entering town, but the bus driver didn't look my away and away it went.
    With that, I apparently turned to mom and announced in tears "Waaaah, they don't want me!". Mom then had the lovely task of throwing us both in the car (good thing there were no car seats to worry about then, ha) and rushing me off to the school where I was then convinced on my first day, that I was not wanted.
    After all that drama, I adjusted just fine and recovered from my first day. The bus picked me up the next day and life was good. Mom probably later wished I hadn't ridden the bus when I learned lots of new things from older kids. ;)

  7. Jack's new school sounds awesome! Can't wait to hear all about it someday. :)

  8. I found out from Transportation that B's bus was 20 minutes late yesterday. So glad I just decided to drive him there myself, even if he was a few minutes late then. Really hoping our "school lives" get back into routine soon!

  9. Oh my lord, this is maybe the saddest story ever. I can only imagine what was going through your mother's head as she watched this whole thing go down. I am, however, happy to hear that you have recovered. Thanks so much for sharing this story!


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