Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's Always Feast or Famine

You know what is frustrating about writing online on your own schedule? Sometimes you can't think of anything to write about to save your life and sometimes you can't even keep up with the ideas swarming past you, let alone write about them all.

And sometimes a scarily conservative newspaper that you are marginally affiliated with publishes something stupid, offensive, and I-haz-sad-making. I'm still trying to figure out if this is the straw that finally pushes me right off that camel's back. That's how it works, right?

So, upcoming topics:

I am currently trying to remember to write about our trip to California in a little more detail because it was oh so fun, and because I have a lot of photos I want to show you. Plus, I gave a whole presentation on autism to the staff of one of my kids' schools and I have a two- or three-parter in mind about that. Also, there is the kid that tried to insult one of my kids by calling him both "gay" and "mentally retarded" in one of those horrible McDonald's tube structures.

Actually that last one might not end up as a post. I could probably just tell you that the kid in question (Sam) is super awesome and when told by the kid that "gay" means "weird," he said, "I am weird. I like being weird." Also, then I had to define what those words actually mean when not being used incorrectly as slurs. At least the part about gayness was awesomely easy because my own sister and her wife are actually gay themselves. (Funny how that works.) It sure is nice to have a handy, positive example. The "mentally retarded" part was harder.

All of it kind of boiled down to, "Don't be an asshole and if I ever hear of you using those words in a mean way, I will be very disappointed."

Also, I kind of wish I knew who that kid's parents were so I could punch them in the face. Or just tell them how awesome my kid is compared to theirs.

But! Until I get to writing all of that, which was supposed to happen this week because my kids are all in school, but didn't yet because guess who came home sick at 10:30 am today, I do have something I wrote over at White Knuckle Parenting about my top ten activities that I'm going to be doing now that my kids are in school. You know, if all three of them ever are actually in school.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some words to put together about federal hiring and disabilities.


  1. So much angry making all in one place.

    But good for you for handling the awesome, gay, don't be an asshole explanation well!

  2. Sam really is awesome. That was an excellent response.

  3. I'm always sadly amused when I read an editorial or a letter to the editor or a blog post that could be used as an example of why we need the federal regulation against which they are railing. It doesn't quite fall into the Ironic category. But it does fall into the Seriously? category.

  4. His response must have been perfectly frustrating to that angry child.

  5. Don't you love it when our kids respond to bullies in a way that totally befuddles the little a-holes?! Yay, Sam!!

  6. What the hell is it with kids calling each other gay? Back when I was in middle school (when dinosaurs roamed the Earth) boys used to call the loops on the back of Oxford shirts "fag tags." When a nerdy kid wore a button-down shirt to school he was likely to have the loop yanked off to shouts of "Fag tag!"


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