Collaboration, Q-ball Style

Without question, my favorite thing about sending my kids to school is their written work. You might already know this if you were around for the Things Come Out of My Brain series of 2010 and 2011 (Part I, Part II, Part III) as well as the many other worksheets I’ve photographed and made you look at.
I’m about to do it again. Evidently “collaboration” is one of Quinn’s vocabulary words, which is kind of super awesome. What is even more awesome is his sentence/picture example of the word, which he hasn’t even turned in yet, but I had to take a photo in case it never came home.


This is good stuff, people. Pay attention.


“I’m going to pull your head out of the ground.”


See how those two dudes are collaborating on pulling that upside down guy out of the ground before the fireball crushes all of them?


Coming soon to a dictionary near you.


11 thoughts on “Collaboration, Q-ball Style

  1. That’s priceless! But so true. I know that every time my head’s stuck in the ground, I really appreciate people working together on a solution.

  2. Heh. I just put up an essay my kid wrote for school today on Facebook. I totally agree; it’s one of the best things about school!

  3. Oh, and also? I love that it’s “collaboration”! Because I believe we do all collaboratively adore Quinn.

  4. Makes sense to me. Thanks, Quinn, for collaborating with the rest of us who didn’t know the real definition of the word. Oh, how I love me some Q!

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