Disaster! Catastrophe! Feedburner }:-(

Oh, good morning to my ZERO subscribers.

Evidently Feedburner is kaput. Thanks, Feedburner. You’d think they would have let me know in emails with giant red letters or something. Or they did and I missed them.

This can all be summed up in one word with a lot of letters: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK.

I am considering this a sign from Google that I should switch to self-hosted WordPress. I was afraid to do it because I didn’t want to lose subscribers, but it is hard to go lower than…ZERO.

Until then, I post everything Stimeyland-related on my Stimeyland Facebook page. It’s public, so I don’t think you even have to be on Facebook to see it, but it will just show up in your news feed if you are on Facebook and like the page.

Or Blogger probably has some sort of feed, so some of you may still be subscribed based on what feed you use.

Or just come by here and check for new posts. I hope to have this all sorted out by the end of the weekend. Just what I wanted to do this weekend. If anyone has advice or suggestions, I’d be thrilled to take them.


(confidential to Sherry: See? Like “motherfucker” but more downtrodden.)

31 thoughts on “Disaster! Catastrophe! Feedburner }:-(

  1. Same here, too. Big fat 0. Along with forcing me over to the new Blogger dashboard now, I think Google is giving me the hard push to finally go to WordPress. I’ve been meaning to do it for quite some time, but they’re making the time involved suddenly look a lot more appealing.

  2. I was caught off guard too. Didn;t have a ton of subscribers. I hear that we still have our subscribers…it’s just the button that’s showing a big fat zero. Now of course I’m going to have to figure out how to find all my subscribers. Not what I had planned on a Friday morning.

  3. God, this is so annoying. At least now I know to resubscribe to you somehow. I wonder how many of my other favorite blogs I’m suddenly missing too? Grrrrr.

  4. Breath! Your rss feed is still going out, feedburner api is just not working… I promise, I read this on google reader, also have feed burner and woke up to 0 subscribers. You did lose your email subscribers though. I love my self hosted designer if you need a referral.

  5. Well, that is something. I’m a little sad about my email readers though. They always send me thoughtful replies to my posts. I love them. :(

    I’m going to try to make the move myself this weekend. Cross your fingers for me.

  6. You are still working in Google Reader, which is good because otherwise I would just notice in a week or two that you had been really quiet and wonder what was going on.

  7. Right? There are many blogs that I subscribe to, but don’t read daily and catch up all at once. If I lose them, there is no way I would remember all of them. If you were quiet for a week or two, I would think you had died. :)

  8. If I didn’t post for a week or two, I probably would have died. Although, I have had my blog go down before. Check that before you check the obits.

  9. I got you on my RSS feed just fine…but then, I don’t think I know what a feedburner thing is, so I guess it wouldn’t affect me? Anyways, my Stimey-post-fix is fine, so yay!

  10. Dammit, this happened to me too! Although… I got your post about it through email subscription. So I’m thinking it’s just displaying zero?

    • Thank you for posting this. I definitely did this. You can get your email subscribers and for now FeedBurner is still sending out RSS feeds, but once/if/when those stop going out, there is no way to recover them.

  11. i’m so confused. i think i have a feedburner account. does it do anything? do i have to do anything? your posts were all in my google reader (i was saving them for some time when i actually had time to read and comment), and they were still there except for the very most recent. so i guess i’ll resubscribe to you – but what does this mean for me and my blog??? do i have to do anything?

    • I don’t think you actually have to do anything right now (for your feedburner). They may or may not be closing down in October. I don’t know for sure. I panicked and jumped ship. I’d poke around and see. My current feedburner feed is for my Blogger blog at this point and my new self hosted blog has the fancy new feed on the main page that you have to resubscribe to. Otherwise you won’t get posts from here on out.

      This is what I think.

  12. I didn’t notice any problems with feedburner and I’ve checked and it’s all ok now. In any case, it made me “LIKE” your facebook page, so it’s done some good at least.

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