Wednesday, September 5, 2012

In Ascending Order of Awesomeness

Today wasn't my favorite day, so I just have three things for you:

1. A link to my Patch column about how I am sooooo mean and don't let my kids play video games or watch TV after school

2. A link to my column featuring answers from Ari Ne'eman to some questions about that Washington Times editorial about federal hiring of individuals with disabilities.

3. By far, my favorite part of the day, when Jack found some glasses in a waiting room, put on a fancy accent, very purposely adjusted the glasses in the nerdiest way possible, and said...

"Who ees theese Jack?"

I love that kid.


  1. I don't want to comment on the Patch site, so I am commenting here on the Patch article.

    I found this quote interesting: "
    I find that my kids are generally nicer people when they aren't coming down off of cartoons or thinking about playing the next level in Super Smash Brothers." I JUST started letting my 5 and 7 year old play stuff on my iPad or iPhone and I've noticed that they can be nasty little buggers for a while after they stop. The same thing happens if they watch too much tv. What's up with that ?!?!

    Also, since we've discussed Q's and Ramona's similar pooping issues, you know what Ramona has to do to earn iPad time ? Make it to the potty before the poop comes out, and then she can use the iPad as long as she is sitting on the potty !

  2. OMG..I love Jack. Seriously.
    And I liked both of your pieces you posted here, too. I am seriously considering the electronics ban at my house...which will induce pain, I'm sure, upon my boys, but seriously, they can be real jerks after their screen time. And a little more hyper, too. Not cool for 2 kids with ADHD, anyway...

  3. That is my kind of man.

  4. I like Jack's hair. It reminds me of Greg Heffley.

    BTW, I can not wait for the Picture Day post. 3 different schools. 3 different photographers. 3 different members of Team Stimey. I bet it's Epically Awesome. Or Awesomely Epic. Or somesuch.

    ps. Thanks for the great picture. I really needed it today.


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