Running, Weight & Zombies

Yesterday, two people told me—at two different times—that I looked like I had lost weight. I then took this information to Alex to confirm, which is always a sketchy proposition, because, really, what is he going to say? (He confirmed, with a specific about my ass.)

This is actually news to me because, although I have been running, I don’t weigh myself. I don’t weigh myself because, you know, ICK. No one wants to see that number. Also, it is incredibly demoralizing to follow it closely. Not to mention that the numbers don’t tell you the whole story of what your body is doing.

I don’t see the change in my body. Maybe this is because I have a negative self-image or because I have little to no ability to objectively look at myself. Maybe I’m just not spending enough time looking in a mirror. Maybe it’s just that I was wearing good clothes yesterday. Maybe my body is simply rearranging its current weight into a more pleasing configuration.

What is likely happening is that my fatty parts are shrinking and my muscly parts are growing.

See, while I don’t track my weight and I haven’t seen changes in the mirror, I HAVE noticed that I was able to semi-rapidly transport myself on foot from my house to Sam’s soccer game yesterday, a distance of nearly four miles. I HAVE noticed that I can now reliably go for a 3+ mile run in the evening with only a short walking interval in the middle.

(I have also noticed that it is much harder to run in the middle of the day—say, at a time when soccer games are played—when it is 90 degrees outside.)

I am running to lose weight, but also to get fit. I’m thrilled that people are seeing positive changes in me, but even more, I am proud that my body is so much stronger than it was a few months ago. Last spring, running for two minutes intervals on my treadmill was a killer. Now, I feel confident that I could run a 5k with no problem.

It would be a SLOW 5k, but I could do it.

I think that is cool.

Here’s the thing. I am a runner. I used to run daily. I loved it. I have always been a runner, even though I haven’t always run. I have gone long stretches, years even, without running, but never does my body feel better than when I run every day. I started up again last spring, in a largely on and off fashion.

I’m trying to be a lot more strict with myself about how often I run. I figure that success begets success, right? Tell me I look like I’ve lost weight and I will try to run to my kid’s soccer game later that day. Tell me I’m awesome for trying to run to my kid’s soccer game and I will get up the next morning and run a two and a half-plus mile loop before Alex even wakes up. Let me run a two and half-plus mile loop in the morning, and I’ll buy a grilled chicken wrap at the doughnut store for lunch instead of a doughnut.

Or three doughnuts each, if you’re my kids.

Also, I have to run more regularly because I was dumb enough to sign up for the Run For Your Lives race in late October. This is a 5k obstacle race that features people dressed up like zombies who try to catch you. The zombies will not care about my progress or the fact that I CAN run a 5k. They will just care that I can run a SLOW 5k.

I’m a little panicked about that. I spend most of my runs these days worrying about whether I will be faster than the zombies and also wondering if I will be facing shambling zombies or running zombies. It seems more sporting to have them be shamblers, but the zombie apocalypse has never been about sportsmanship.

To train, I’ve been running using the Zombies, Run app. It seems appropriate.

Part of my new, healthy regimen involves going to bed at 10 or 11 pm every night. I miss 1 am a lot. That 11pm to 2 am time was Stimey Time. BUT, I also feel a lot better about myself when I don’t nap for three hours during the day. Also, I run faster and feel less like I’m going to fall down when I’m less tired. That said, I’m off to bed. See you tomorrow—after my run. I might try to add a half mile to the loop I ran this morning.

25 thoughts on “Running, Weight & Zombies

  1. Yay! Go you! I am not a runner, never have been. I will be first to go, come the Zombie Apocalypse. But I am trying to walk my way to fitness. Sleep well, and have fun running in the morning! :-)

  2. Love this! You go, mama. I’m doing something similar around the same time, only minus the zombies and plus mud pits, live wires and car hopping (I know, right?). Show those kids what a warrior you are, you’ll be fantastic! Good luck!

  3. I completely love this.
    You better post pictures of you running with zombies. Will Algernon run from zombies with you?

  4. You rock. I need that app. Or just to get off my ass in the morning, and into bed at night. Whichever. Is it motivating to be inspiring?

  5. It is HARD to get off your ass. I fought a battle with myself every single day for two months to make myself run, until it became something I craved instead of something I had to do.

  6. Seriously, why run a regular 5k when you can navigate fun obstacles? I mean, I know it’s harder, but it seems more fun, right?

  7. Go, Stimey, go! I, too, have gotten back into trying to get fit (been hitting the gym a few times per week once again). It feels really good. You should be proud of yourself. I can’t wait to hear all about the zombie run. I think Frank’s going to go to the zombie walk again this year.

  8. Yay, go you!! I read about that race in the paper a while ago–sounds like all the entrants want to be zombies. How fun is that!

  9. The zombies will most likely be mainly shamblers with a couple of fleet-footed ones thrown in to keep things interesting. You might take a spare brain or two along with you to toss to them if they get too close.
    Good luck!

  10. That’s awesome. Rock on. A friend of mine tried to convince me to do the zombie run with her, but I am decidedly not a runner. I am in awe of those of you who can run.

  11. I love running. I slacked a bit this summer, combination of meds and heat/humidity made timing difficult. I was still able to run a 1/2 marathon on Sunday, of course I am still paying for it today!

  12. Before I was a runner, I never thought I could be. I didn’t understand the point. At some point though, it turns into something you crave. Which is way better than craving Snickers bars, which is my second favorite thing.

  13. I think it will be fun! Also, you should know that you are my inspiration. I’m hoping to have a year this year that is at least half as good as your last year. And if you still deign to run things as short as a half marathon next September, maybe you can let me join you a year from now.

  14. I’m so glad you like the app! My daughter finished the season and since the 2nd season wasn’t available yet, she started the 1st one over! Sometimes she even wants to run twice in one day because she loves the storyline. :) Glad it’s working for you.

  15. I LOVE it. I’m so happy to hear that there is a second season coming because I was worried about what I would do once I ran all the missions.

  16. i still feel embarrassed that I am so inordinately happy when we have things in common even though we don’t know each other in real life. i just recently started running myself (for a mud run (ick!). i consider myself a “fit” person, even when i don’t exercise, which i quickly realized when i started running isn’t very accurate. anyway, like you, i have been feeling good about being able/strong enough/fit enough to run at least two miles a day, and, after this weekend, a 5K including obstacles.

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