Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Lazy Woman's Way to Blog

This whole going to bed near 10 pm is killing my blog. I write at midnight. It's what I do. HOW DO YOU PEOPLE WRITE DURING THE DAY? IN THE LIGHT? WITHOUT WATCHING RERUNS OF TORCHWOOD ON NETFLIX?

Or that might be specific to me.

It is 9:24pm  and I am TIRED. This never used to happen to me. Fuck you, regular sleep schedule.

That said, I've only blogged...oh, dear lord, once? this week, so I found some more funny stuff from my kids to entertain you.

This first is a drawing by Jack from last year. I am under the impression that he thought school was hard work. Seriously. That little sketch (it is about an inch square) conveys more feeling than a billion words.

I should take this to IEP meetings.

Then there is Sam. At back to school night, I took a quick spin through his math classroom. On one wall, all the kids had written and illustrated rules. This was Sam's:

This is a kid who needs to go on a bender.

Speaking of responsible people, next up I have Quinn's definition and illustration of "responsible," which is nothing like Sam. In fact, he took it in more of a "I was responsible for killing 16 people" kind of way instead of "I am responsible because I do my homework" kind of way.

"Some guy almost got squashed."

I'm guessing that Quinn is the guy who is all, "Oops."

Aaaand there you have volume two of "I'm going to let my kids blog for me this month."


Also, are your kids the worst? Because mine are. I have laid out eleven reasons why they are.


  1. Loved this - my guy does great illustrations, too. Aren't they the best?

  2. I love that the boys are helping you out! I'm fairly certain my 6 y.o.feels similarly to Jack. Damn those ginormous pencils..

  3. I just tried to find the word "like" to click on Sam's drawing. I need to get off Facebook.
    I'm a fan of their work, though. I "like" this whole post.

  4. All three of those are awesome. Totally awesome.

  5. First -- is Torchwood: Miracle Day on Netfilix?

    Second -- I like those pictures! They really do capture your kids.

    Third -- (because I need to make this all about me) K had to fill out an "All About Me" poster and in one of the sections, the kids were to write about a hero of theirs, who inspires them. After I explained "hero" and "inspire", K wrote "Sadly, I have no heroes." I almost left it.

  6. Can they blog for me too? I only really blog about once a week anymore anyway. Not that I have any issue with that, I blog more if I have more to say. . . you know. . . "within limits".

  7. I love poking through their backpacks for this stuff. So awesome.

  8. I do that "like" thing a lot myself.

  9. They all show their personality so well in them.

  10. First: Yes, but not streaming. You have to get the discs. I swear, I stalked every possible way to watch Miracle Day until finally it became available. Then it made me want to rewatch the whole series.

    Second: They do, don't they?

    Third: "Sadly, I have no heroes." Oh my lord. Also, you should perhaps introduce hero Captain Jack Harkness to your kids.

  11. They can blog for you. I will have them start drawing sporns immediately.

  12. Can you actually fall asleep at 10pm? I have pushed past it for so long and usually regret it in the morning, but not enough to stop staying up way too late. I think I need to force myself to do it for a week and then see how I feel.

    Love Torchwood (and Netflix) - I have watched all the streaming episodes through twice. :) Since I don't have the DVD option, I didn't even realize there were 10 whole episodes I have never seen.

  13. How can you write while looking at John Barrowman? Too yummy.

  14. Judging by the way my classes have been going three weeks into the semester, I may need to borrow Jack's drawing.

  15. I think in Quinn's drawing the guy saying "opps" is peeing on the dead person. Too funny.


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