After the Storm There Are Pumpkins

Hey, friends. I hope those of you on the East Coast are safe and dry. We’re okay. our power stayed on (knockonwood! knockonwood! knockonwood!) and we seem to have gotten by with only a little bit of water in the basement. Because our power generally goes out quickly, we rarely get to watch storm coverage on TV. It looks like it was a scary night for so many of you. I hope you are all okay. My heart and best wishes go out to all of you.

Schools are canceled for us again today, so it is on to Day Two of entertain the children inside the increasingly messy house. Yesterday we carved pumpkins. Well, actually, I carved pumpkins while the munchkins told me where to cut and then grumped about when I didn’t execute their plans perfectly.

I don’t know. They just didn’t seem old or responsible enough to be in charge of their own knives.

I saw a lot of Facebook statuses and blog posts yesterday with photos of people’s really nicely executed pumpkin carving based on really creative ideas.

We decided to take a different approach.

It is a “hack until there is a hole in the pumpkin” approach.

Can you guess whose pumpkin was whose?*


I wrote about Quinn and his fear of Halloween over at White Knuckle Parenting this week. It looks like I’m going to take him out of school tomorrow afternoon because he is FREAKING OUT with worry about scary costumes at the school parade. This is turning out to be a long week without much school.


* Back left = Jack, middle = Quinn, back right = Sam

15 thoughts on “After the Storm There Are Pumpkins

  1. We don’t know if we have school tomorrow yet in Virginia but got an e-mail from the 4th grader’s principal saying that even power comes back on, there won’t be a parade, not class parties and kids should NOT bring their costumes. We can still have festive snacks. Maybe you’ll get lucky and get such an email.

  2. Today was the pumpkin carving morning at our house. Talia was totally enthused and begged to be allowed to wield the 8″ carving knife. (Uh, no.)

    Then, Rachel confessed to me, “I never wanted a pumpkin in the first place because pumpkin guts gross me out. I only said yes because *you* were all excited.”

    We normally take the hack-and-slash approach to pumpkin carving you describe so perfectly here, but this year Talia asked for one of those little booklets with the tape-on stencils–you know, the ones with those incredibly elaborate designs you’re supposed to spend hours carving with the tiny hacksaws included in the kit. (I’ll wait for the laughter to die down before going on.) We compromised on a simple design that she says “won’t embarrass me this year.”

    Your pumpkins look a lot better, frankly.

    I’m glad you and yours weathered the storm okay!

    • Girls are awesome. I want a design that won’t embarrass me this year. Nice. That’s something I would have told my mom.

      My kids also don’t like the pumpkin guts. They all hid elsewhere (except for Quinn—he helped), while I dug out the pumpkins. I can understand that. It is kinda gross in there.

  3. I got all the answers right on the whose pumpkin is it quiz! Pumpkin carving is this afternoon’s activity at our house.

    • Nicely done! You win first prize! First prize is leftover Whoppers from the bag of candy we decimated this weekend.

  4. Lily doesn’t really notice Halloween except that we bring out Wobot (the animatronic skeleton that sings “Shawty got Low”). She’ll be “wearing” her cupcake outfit for the second consecutive year because she wore it last year for approximately 5 minutes. She hates the strawberry that she has to wear on her head.

  5. I like Jack’s smiley-face pumpkin the best. Is it ironic that Quinn’s pumpkin design is the most scarey of the three?
    Anyway, Halloween is my least favorite holiday, because of the scarey factor. Looking forward to Thanksgiving. :)

  6. Funny reading about your familys pumpkin guts phobia. I’ve just this minute posted about our Halloween and described the same refusal to stick any hands into the pumpkin, unless those hands are mine of course. Hope Q survived and got a nice lot of treats as a reward for his bravery.

  7. i couldn’t believe when i dropped off (5 yr old) tate at school yesterday and a girl in his class had “blood” dripping out of her mouth. 5 years old!!! at school!!! sometimes i just don’t get parents…

    i hope quinn made it through the day okay. i’m glad you all had no trouble with the storm!

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