Ennui, Part MMXCI

Today kinda sucked. I have a list of reasons why, but I’m not going to enumerate them here. Enlisterate them? Ensomethingerate them?

Nothing big. Just tired and stuck in a bad late bedtime/long nap cycle. Also, I am watching Quinn have some struggles that are kind of tough on him. There is very little worse than looking at his tiny, adorable face quiver with sadness tears.

But! I do have something cheerful from White Knuckle Parenting to share with you. I wrote about my volunteering at my kids’ schools, something that went kind of poorly for Quinn and me today, but is usually a lot of fun.

8 thoughts on “Ennui, Part MMXCI

  1. What is with this week? This month, actually…reminds me of a “famous writer” who dubbed it “Suctober”….so, um, yeah.
    Hope things get better for you and Quinn.((hugs))

  2. My philosophy: When life sucks… bake.

    I’ve just made 3 dozen ginger cookies. What does this tell you?

    Sucktober describes it perfectly.

  3. I haven’t blogged in three months. I have the Ennui too. Please give Quinn a cookie in the variety of his choice and tell him it’s from an internet stranger. Actually, don’t. Just give him a cookie and take the credit for it yourself.

  4. Sorry to hear things are hard for Quinn. I know how hard that can be on a mom, so I feel for you, too. Hope sunnier days are ahead. Much love.

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