Tuesday, October 2, 2012

To Do: Write Excellent Post and Fix Blog

Do you ever have those days months when your to-do list grows and grows, but every single day it seems like you have 14 spare minutes to do everything on that list and consequently your blog stagnates in a mostly undesigned and terribly ugly state and you get more and more panicky that something is slipping between the cracks because instead of dealing with the way you decimated your website or working your way through the foot-high stack of papers you have to deal with on your desk, you instead just write more to-do lists on little pieces of paper and throw them on top of the pile?

I do. You know, just sometimes.

It’s freaking me out, people.

One of those little cards has a note reminding me to call back the dude from Quinn’s gymnastics class. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thank you so much for all of your thoughts on that, by the way. It was really helpful.

I was hoping to get something accomplished today, but I spent several hours at a cultural arts showcase for the public schools instead, where people who want to put on assemblies or presentations at schools perform a 15-minute bit of their show in hopes that you’ll hire them to come to your school. There were storytellers and musicians and puppets and authors and singers… I watched a lot of performers.

The mime was funny.

That was four hours straight sitting in a folding chair in a school building. That was followed by a PTA meeting this evening. I am the secretary and take the minutes, so I have to go. Yay! More folding chairs and cafeterias!

So, tonight, I was sitting in said PTA meeting, Hour Two, and looked down to find myself drawing this:

I didn’t even realize that I was drawing my sad electrocution until I was already done.

Consequently, no awesome post or improved website design tonight. But I have written down on a little piece of paper that I have to do both of those things, so I should get around to it by December at the latest.


I do have an actual deadline to meet at White Knuckle Parenting, so I managed to get my post over there get written. It is October, so I wrote about finding Halloween costumes for my kids. Also, evidently in that post, I made it sound as if I made all of my childhood Halloween costumes all by myself, without my mother’s help. I am aware that I made it sound like that because I got an irate email from my mother letting me know that I, in fact, did not make them all by myself. Consider yourself notified.

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