Dropping the Ball

I was pretty sure that I was going to get up today and go on a 7-mile run and then do some other awesome stuff and catch up on a bunch of things that I am months behind on doing and then I was going to figure out all of my Christmas shopping and then write a super funny post here.

But then I woke up sick, sent everyone to school, crawled back into bed, and slept until it was almost time to get my kids off their buses.

I’m pretty sure I have a man cold.*

So, instead of all that stuff in the first paragraph, here is a link to my newest column over at the Wheaton Patch:

We got Sam an iPod for his birthday last month and he is busy filling it up with crappy pop music, which is breaking my heart. I wrote about it over at White Knuckle Parenting this week.

* Men don’t** like it when you call their colds “man colds.”

** Alex doesn’t

6 thoughts on “Dropping the Ball

  1. *hugs* Feel better, sweetie. Go back to bed. Dream of small, warm, furry things making you giggle. And chewing up toilet paper tubes.

  2. Oh – I am so sorry you have a man cold. I know how debilitating those things can be. The man in my house has had TWO this year so far. I’m over them. Also, my friend’s mom always says “there’s nothing sicker than a man”.

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