Halloween and PokitDok

I had been dreading October 31 for weeks because I was sure I was going to have to figure out how to be at three different schools in three different areas of town all at the same time for Halloween parties. Someone was going to end up disappointed and someone was going to end up being yelled at and we were all going to end up crying.

Then I remembered (actually, Sam told me) that Sam’s class doesn’t have a party. They had a read-a-thon in their class today with snacks and an hour and a half of reading time. I love his nerd class.

Team Stimey Halloween

Sam was fine with no Halloween party. His party is the post-trick-or-treating candy binge.

Jack also didn’t have a Halloween party. Instead, his school does a Fall Festival, which happened today. It was kinda super awesome. The kids make their costumes at school and each class has a theme. Like, a bunch of the kindergarteners were rainbow fish and there were Arthurs and Angelina ballerinas and all kinds of other stuff. Because the school has a French immersion program, some of the kids had signs explaining their costumes in French, so I didn’t know what they were.

Jack’s class had each chosen a hero and created a sandwich board with a picture of their person on the front and some character traits of the person on the back. Frankly, it was one of my favorite things I have seen Jack do at school.

If you’ve been following Stimeyland for a while, you might be able to guess who Jack chose as his hero. Jack has been obsessed with this guy for a LONG time—Martin Luther King, Jr. Jack’s drawing was amazing. He is kind of clicking over from “let’s just get this project done!” to “let’s do this project well,” which I like seeing.

MLK Jr. by Jack

Best ever, right? RIGHT?!

The kids did a little parade and then had a party in one of the mainstream classrooms, which was both good and bad, but I’m reserving public judgment on that situation for a while. Here is Jack during the parade:

Jack in the parade

It was an awesome parade.

Quinn turned out to be the only one with a Halloween party, which was awesome. Schools refusing to have fun anymore really worked out in my favor this time. Quinn was nervous about the costume parade, so we skipped that then rejoined the class for his party. He ended up having a really good time. I was really proud of him for working so hard to overcome his fears.

I’m not going to lie though—the promise of frosted cookies helped.

Devil reader

Quinn might be destined for the nerd class.

All in all, a pretty decent (but short) school week.


I have started writing over at PokitDok, a great site full of health information. I’ll be writing about autism every couple of weeks and will be sure to let you know when my posts go up. You are welcome to join the site over there or follow PokitDok on Twitter or Facebook.

This week I tried to answer the question, What Is Autism? I hope you check it out!

Also, just in case you’re like me and are imagining polka dots when you see PokitDok, you should maybe realize that PokitDok is probably supposed to be pronounced “pocket doc.” Thanks, Jim, for pointing that out to me. My brain even went so far as to imagine polka dots on the website, of which there are NONE. Well done, brain.

14 thoughts on “Halloween and PokitDok

  1. Firstly; That is an amazingly cool photo of your guys in their costumes. We LOVE Jack as Darth Vader. James wanted to go to his party as Darth this year and spent ages searching for his voice changer helmet. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I gave it away several years ago when I knew he could no longer fit into it. Horrible mother I am.

    Secondly; How awesome that Jack’s hero is MLK Jn. and what a fab drawing of him. James’ hero is The Green Lantern. Need to work on the fact/fiction distinction thing again I suspect.

    Thirdly; Just checked out your polka dot post. (yes I too imagined polka dots. Would never have got the pocket doc thing) OUTSTANDING article. Love it. Our boys are totally obsessed with playing all the I’m a Mac…I’m a PC ads, so that comparison is perfect for our family!!

    • In James’ defense, the Green Lantern *is* pretty cool.

      Thanks for checking out PokitDok!

  2. I was thinking poke-it doc. But whatever. Your kids are still awesome. Jack’s picture is awesome. And he’ll be pleased to know Joey has also been on a Martin Luther King Jr. kick this week. :)

  3. Wow, just read your post at PokitDok. That is far and above the best explanation of autism I have ever seen! I hope many newbie parents find it early on the road to learning about all that autism is mad isn’t. Seriously, if you haven’t read the post, go do it, now. Not you Stimey

  4. Hi Jean,

    I am a doctoral student at Penn State with an emphasis on autism and autism research and I just wanted to say that I loved your explanation of what autism is. I think you offered a great perspective and highlighted one of the most important things for families and professionals to remember — different does not equal less. Excellent post!

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