Lucky You, We Have a Fall Hockey Tournament This Year Too!

Jack and I are bailing town this weekend. In addition to a travel hockey tournament we’re planning to attend next spring, the Cheetahs are taking part in a hockey tournament this weekend as well. It is in Jamestown, New York, which is the same place as last spring’s EX-TRAH-VA-GANZAAAA, so we’ll know what to expect at least.

However, it turns out that I have forgotten to plan/pack/notify Jack’s teachers/think about this tournament at all until, well, until just right now, so I don’t have time to write about how excited I am. Instead, I have to go charge all 75 devices I’m taking with me. And maybe locate some clean clothes we can wear en route.

No worries.

Until then, enjoy this video from last year’s Jamestown tourney. If you look closely, you’ll see Jack on the ice and you’ll also see me behind my camera, which is where I usually am at these things.

CHEETAHS GO TO JAMESTOWN! from Karen Whitehead on Vimeo.

My friend, fellow Cheetah mom and independent filmmaker, Karen Whitehead made that video. She also just finished a documentary about rock photographer Jini Dellaccio. Go check out her film’s site and like its Facebook page so you can keep updated on this great project.

I’m sure I’ll be babbling all over the interwebz about the tournament this weekend, so stay tuned!


7 thoughts on “Lucky You, We Have a Fall Hockey Tournament This Year Too!

  1. That really looks like fun. I think I now get just how great of an experience it is for the kids. One question though. Was it hard to get Jack to wear all the gear? Mine would have an inner/outer war. “I want to go have fun, NO WAY I’M WEARING THAT STUFF!” and it would happen Every. Single. Time. I have trouble getting him to wear a jacket. Good thing we live in sunny California.

    • I was pretty lucky with Jack because he is a total sensory seeker and so wearing heavy pads and having things strapped to his legs, etc. was right up his alley. I’ve seen players have trouble getting used to the gear for sure. Most have managed to work through that though. I know just what you mean though. It is a daunting idea for a kid who doesn’t want to wear extra clothing.

  2. GOOOOOO Cheetahs!
    Have a wonderful time. I know you enjoy it at least as much as Jack does, and can relax a bit knowing that people “get” you both/all there :-)
    My kids love floorball so much, I just know they would adore ice hockey. If only we had ice here.

  3. Aww, I love this stuff. Congrats to Jack and the Cheetahs. BTW, the pictures of his helmet with JACK BAUER will never get old. Never.

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