10 thoughts on “Please Vote Today

  1. I voted this morning! My family’s politics are split along generational lines, and I’m in the Democratic generation. So, great post. :)

    The Algernon pic is funny. Did you help him with the touchscreen? While I don’t follow you on Facebook, I do read that feed over there >>

  2. I didn’t want to create a patch account because that’s one more thing I’m going to forget the pw to, but I wanted to ask at your column how Jack shapes Alex’s politics. (For serious.)

  3. I don’t know what I would do living in your house. We don’t even have family that is republican. In fact I think both our mothers voted for the green party in the last election and we have both living Grandmothers who are citizens “praying” for an Obama win today. There might even be rosaries involved- this stuff is getting serious. So you are a stronger person than me because I am not sure my marriage would live through this election if we were on different sides. Still- kudos for raising the kids to think for themselves! It can’t be easy.

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