Because It’s the Only Thing I Want To Share Right Now

There is nothing I can write right now. I know you probably don’t want to read anything right now. So if you need something sweet, here are my gerbils who like to drink from their water bottle at the same time.  Because they are in love.

Hug your babies tight. I love you all.

11 thoughts on “Because It’s the Only Thing I Want To Share Right Now

  1. Jean,
    The event on Friday is incomprehensible. I won’t post my thoughts after visiting a ‘news’ outlet that I never read [Fox] today. Recommend avoiding the online news. So very sad.

    Thank you for posting the adorable photo. Gerbils have to make you smile. :)
    Karen G

  2. You’re right, Jean. This is much better than the news, and the uneducated, glory-hounding, hype-driven newscasters that will say anything to get ratings, without worrying about what it means or whom it may impact. Gerbils are definitely better. And smile-inducing. :)

  3. Jean,
    I just read your post on White Knuckle Parenting, and you said it so well: ‘I will hug my children. I will thank their teachers. I will remain vigilant about my kids’ safety as best I can, as I have always been. I will make sure they are loved and feel safe. I will try to put acts of kindness and joy into the world. I will send thoughts of love and peace to Newtown and the shattered community and families there.’
    Teachers and education leaders and administrators deserve our heartfelt thanks.
    Also, I do hope that the media’s mention of Asperger’s wrt violence will go away quietly, as it should.
    This young man was clearly very very very disturbed, and yes his actions were evil. I hope that his actions are not associated with any kind of diagnosis going forward. Just saying.
    Could something or someone have prevented this horrific incident? I think so – yet I don’t know how.
    Then, I’m completely opposed to guns; no one in my family has owned a firearm since the war between the states. [Civil isn’t the right word, for a war.]
    I’ve said too much as usual.
    However, on a light note – I just remembered that our two gerbils *also* often used the water bottle around the same time. In retrospect … did one gerbil notice the other gerbil, and think, ‘Gee, I’m thirsty too’? OR, did they not realize that there would BE an unlimited supply of water in the future?
    Because gerbils are funny, even when life is sad.

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