Strangers and Santa, Unrelated

I have a post brewing in my head that might come out tonight or maybe tomorrow, but I thought I would just go ahead and share a couple of links to posts that I’ve written recently.

I wrote a post I really like about what to do when a stranger is rude to your child with autism at PokitDok. Please check it out!

I also wrote a post about, you know, that whole…thing…about Santa. I have some stress about it. Check out The Santa Lie over at White Knuckle Parenting.

2 thoughts on “Strangers and Santa, Unrelated

  1. I tried to comment at PokitDok but is has been “saving” for the last 10 minutes. Beautifully written article. I’m sorry you and you family has had to go through this so often. It is admirable that you manage to use these incidents as teaching moments. I’m sure it is not the easiest thing to do.

  2. I’m also having PokitDok related comment saving issues. So here’s what I was trying to say: My kids don’t have autism, but I wish I’d read this when my oldest was younger. His behavior got lots of comments and judgy looks. We’re re-experiencing this now- my 6 yr. old daughter struggles with sensory processing issues and gets lots of comments about her weather inappropriate clothing when we are in public. My first response, at least in my head, is anger and lashing out or being sarcastic and snarky. But you’re right, what is really needed is to seize the learning opportunity.

    Also I love that you used the word buttinski. It’s an awesome word. Why don’t people use it more? It was a huge part of my late father’s vocabulary. He would be so proud. :-)

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