Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Photographic Tour of My Trip to New York

…would be way too long to post here. I started to write it and then it turned into, like, 60-plus photos and no one wants that in a blog post. I still wanted to tell you about our trip though, because I’m a blogger and THAT IS WHAT I DO.

So, I’ve put the photos in a Facebook album on my Stimeyland page (which I believe is public, so you should be able to see it even if you’re not a Facebooker. Let me know if it’s not and I’ll adjust).

If you head over there to check them out, you will be treated to photos like these—and the stories behind them.

Reason #834 why you’re glad you’re not married to me.
I don’t know who that guy on the left is either.
Sam in Times Square!
No kid was ever happier.
Jack in Central Park.

See the whole album here:! Click the first photo, then move through the slide show from there! Feel free to like my page while you’re there!

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