Thursday, January 24, 2013

Project Stimey, Phase Ugh

Are you curious to know how Project Stimey is going? Well. Considering I was running uphill and face first into icy wind this morning through fresh snow on the ground of a crispy 24-degree morning, I would say that it is going.

Because I hadn’t run a whole lot at the end of last year, I made an effort to get back on the roads over the past few weeks. That was Phase One.

I have to say that it has been working. I put up a stupid little distance log in my Project Stimey section and if it weren’t for the peer pressure of that obnoxious little table (not that anyone really looks at it), I would have been sitting on my ass this morning—and lots of other mornings. Not to mention that the fact that I put my pace there motivates me to try to run faster.

If you do look at the pace, keep in mind that I didn’t run for several weeks, I might have been running uphill on a slow run, and it is extremely possible that I might have been running into an icy wind. Also, I’m chubby.

I’ll get faster.

The other day I was running past this car dealership that is on one of my routes and a salesman shouted after me as I ran by, “I admire your dedication! I see you out here every day!”

It made me run faster. You never know where your inspiration is going to come from.

I am back at a place where it is status quo for me to run almost every day. I’m edging back into longer runs and I’m trying to run faster on my shorter runs and I feel really good about it all. I just wish it weren’t freezing out there. Spring can’t come soon enough.

Now that I’m solidly back into running (Phase one? Check!), it is time to move into Phase Two: Food Tracking.

Also known as Phase Ugh: so much wooooooork.

Phase Two, however, is better than Phase Three, which is all about elimination of caffeine. Also known as Phase Snore: so much headaaaaache.

In sum, I am still plugging along. And next time you see a pudgy runner, give her a thumbs up. It might just mean a lot to her.

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