Project Stimey, Phase Ugh

Project StimeyAre you curious to know how Project Stimey is going? Well. Considering I was running uphill and face first into icy wind this morning through fresh snow on the ground of a crispy 24-degree morning, I would say that it is going.

Because I hadn’t run a whole lot at the end of last year, I made an effort to get back on the roads over the past few weeks. That was Phase One.

I have to say that it has been working. I put up a stupid little distance log in my Project Stimey section and if it weren’t for the peer pressure of that obnoxious little table (not that anyone really looks at it), I would have been sitting on my ass this morning—and lots of other mornings. Not to mention that the fact that I put my pace there motivates me to try to run faster.

If you do look at the pace, keep in mind that I didn’t run for several weeks, I might have been running uphill on a slow run, and it is extremely possible that I might have been running into an icy wind. Also, I’m chubby.

I’ll get faster.

The other day I was running past this car dealership that is on one of my routes and a salesman shouted after me as I ran by, “I admire your dedication! I see you out here every day!”

It made me run faster. You never know where your inspiration is going to come from.

I am back at a place where it is status quo for me to run almost every day. I’m edging back into longer runs and I’m trying to run faster on my shorter runs and I feel really good about it all. I just wish it weren’t freezing out there. Spring can’t come soon enough.

Now that I’m solidly back into running (Phase one? Check!), it is time to move into Phase Two: Food Tracking.

Also known as Phase Ugh: so much wooooooork.

Phase Two, however, is better than Phase Three, which is all about elimination of caffeine. Also known as Phase Snore: so much headaaaaache.

In sum, I am still plugging along. And next time you see a pudgy runner, give her a thumbs up. It might just mean a lot to her.


21 thoughts on “Project Stimey, Phase Ugh

  1. I went for a run 5 days ago. Got shin splints. Today I started walking with no pain. Nervous to go back out there.

    • Ooooh, that’s not good. Do you have the right shoes? I would suggest going to get fitted for shoes if that is something you want to do. I’d be nervous too.

      • hadn’t thought about that -probably is time for new shoes. hey – sent you an email the other day – did you get it?

  2. Wow, so much running. I admire people who run, so , so much. I HATE running. Also, I’m not SUPPOSED to run (as Margaret says in the film, Sense and Sensibility) because of my back. True story. So, I really am super impressed that you are doing this, for real, and in real life.
    I gave up caffeine towards the end of last year. I am only a tea drinker, so I am not sure of the caffeine levels. But it is hard and the headaches did suck. But after 3 days I felt better. And, now, I am really noticing the benefits. I am really glad I did it and I expect to stick this out for the rest of this year, at least, while my adrenal system and liver continue to take a massive breather.
    I am really cheering you on for all your running efforts. If I did not live on the other side of the world, I would totally come and cheer you on in person. But, as I can’t afford the bus fare (yes, that is from a movie, too) you will just have to imagine me cheering and being awfully impressed in a very real, in real life kind of way.

    • I am impressed that you gave up caffeine for real, and in real life. Honestly, that is the thing I am most worried about. Maybe I’ll do it on a long weekend and tell Alex that he is charge of the kids and I’ll lock myself in my bedroom and detox, like from heroin.

      Also, this comment is one of my favorites ever for real, and in real life.

    • Peer pressure is a powerful thing. It’s handy that it can be used for good at least. :)

  3. Way to go with the running! As a non-runner, I admire you. It is HARD work. I am tracking my food. It is eye opening to see what I was consuming..but helps me make better choices for sure!

    • It is SO eye opening. I think I would make better choices if I entered the food BEFORE I ate it. Maybe that can be Phase Two: Part B.

  4. I hear you on the food tracking. I don’t like doing it either. And like you, I need to start again.

    Unlike you, my Phase One needs a re-start, too. So… Yay, Stimey! For sticking with the plan. You are awesome!

  5. WOO HOO!!!! Go Stimey Go! I have also started a real workout plan for the first time in ages — I’m going with a group of friends to the gym at 5:15AM 3 days a week. I truly thought it would kill me, but so far, not only has it not killed me, I actually like it!!

  6. Giving up caffeine does not have to mean headaches. I did it very slowly a few years ago, and when I stopped 100%, no headache. Try it slow: no caffeine after X time (say, 3pm). Then pull that back to noon. Then, only two cups in the morning. Then, go half-caf, if you can. Then, quarter-caf. At that point, I switched to one cup of tea in the morning. And then, just a cup of herbal, no-caf tea. Going cold turkey sucks.

    Delurking to say that, and way to go on the running!

  7. Go, Stimey! Here, it is too frickin’ cold to do much other than shiver. Fortunately, my mom got me a pedaler for my birthday, so I can exercise while sitting in my comfy chair, Facebooking.

    Yeah, I know, it is still in the box. But I have it!

  8. I am very impressed by the running! I just can’t do it. I actually prefer the food tracking to the exercising, but that may be that I’m just used to it after living in food allergy land for so long. I’m trying to ease myself back into doing yoga, and I haven’t even managed that.

  9. I’m kind of in love with that salesman cheering you on. I think that is awesome. As are you.
    I just started food tracking last month after gaining 8 pounds while sick. I can’t believe how much it helped, especially when I saw the breakdown in what I was eating (protein/fats/carbs). Now if I could only get out from under my blanket and exercise, maybe I would get somewhere. Like you are.
    Go Stimey Go!

  10. So why the giving up of the caffeine? In terms of getting into shape, I mean? (Not that I think it’s a bad idea; I have TERRIBLE reactions to caffeine, and only drink decaf whatever. I just don’t think of it as the third phase of a diet and exercise regimen.)

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