Team Stimey and the Plague

Well, they got me. First Quinn had the ague. Then Alex. Then, in a burst of impressive projectile vomiting, Jack. Now I have the ague as well.

This would be not quite so bad if not for the fact that I haven’t had a day where all of my kids went to school since December. My winter break is never ending, people. Today I have two sickies home with me. I’m hopeful that they can take care of themselves while I nap.

The couch has been getting quite the workout. We may have to decontaminate it after we all get well.

sick Team Stimey

I’m not sure how the dog felt about this.

I wrote about our weekend with the plague over at White Knuckle Parenting this week. It was not an awesome weekend, friends.

That is all. Wish me luck. Also, get your flu shots. Seriously.

14 thoughts on “Team Stimey and the Plague

  1. Oh, no! Poor family and poor you! I hope everyone gets better fast. Should I have R. bring homework home for Jack?

  2. This was us the week before Christmas. Came down with it like dominoes, one after the other. It’s horrible. Take care and hope you all recover soon.

  3. Hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but the flu shot protects against the other kind of flu (and only select strains thereof), and not stomach flu, which isn’t technically influenza but gastroenteritis. So, yes, get your flu shot; I did. But it won’t stop the projectile vomiting bouts from going around the house. That’s just pure luck…or not.

    You hate me now, right?

  4. I hope everyone feels better soon! TC seems to be correct about flu shots, btw.

    Also, Moms really deserve immunity from all the bugs that go around…. However, that probably isn’t realistic.

    On a related note, the next time I go to the grocery store I *might* actually use one of those disinfecting towels [Purell?] on the grocery cart handle. You know, just in case your family was there earlier.

    Also, hope you all get some rest. Drink plenty of fluids!

  5. I got the flu shot Monday, but now after reading the above comments, I’m not sure it’s going to help. I sure hope so! I did hear that there is another stomach virus going around that is not the flu but very contagious. Hope you get better soon.

  6. Feel better! I thought I was going to miss whatever was going around my house. I have been lucky the last 3 times. But today my throat is on fire and I need/want to nap all day

  7. Jack’s projectile vomiting was the only incident of that. Otherwise, I think we all have the flu-flu. I know I do: achy, headachy, fever, chills, sad, sad, did I mention sad? Thank you all for your condolences on my being a total baby. I am sad.

  8. We are all falling for the summer flu. Which is way worse cause it is four hundred billion degrees and the aircon is on but you just want to wear your winter coat which has been packed away.

  9. I tested positive for the flu yesterday. At this point, Tamiflu is my friend but all I have been doing is swinging from a bitter chill to a sweaty mess, amongst other things.

    This was after the gastroenteritis gala of last month. I cannot wait until spring.

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