Thursday, January 10, 2013

They Finally Got the Office With a Window

Good news, everyone!

After two and a half days of almost total rest, I seem to be on the upswing! Not only that, all my kids went to school today! Hooray! Stimeyland is getting back to health!

There is more good news too. I got a new desk. I know. Could this week get any better?

Anyway, I actually got the desk from IKEA last Saturday. It is the MALM with the pull-out panel. In the birch veneer. It’s pretty awesome. I no longer have a desk. I have a MALM. Life is so good.

One of the great features about my new MALM is that I rearranged my office area so as to give my gerbils a window. The back of their tank used to face a file folder. Now it faces a window. I am such a generous overlord. I’ve raised the blind enough so they have a little view of the outside world. Just, you know, enough to really get to fear it.

Hello, outside world! Why are you so open and scary? And full of predators?
I imagine the really terrifying thing, however, is not the tree outside the window, but the fact that their home is about a foot away from my giant head every time I sit at my desk. I think that would be scary.

You know those little stress dolls that you squeeze and then their eyes bug out real far? I imagine that it would be scary like that to be a gerbil who lived on my desk. If you can’t get a little word picture in your brain from that, I’ll give you a real picture:

Have you ever seen a more freaked out looking gerbil? I swear to God, I’m not squeezing him.
Jetpack doesn’t really love getting cuddled. Mouse is a little bit more okay with it, but I wouldn’t say he is totally on board. However, because I give them each a sunflower seed every evening when I either pet or hold one or both of them, they come running over to my hand every time I open their tank. I like that.

What I don’t like is that Mouse sleeps like he is dead. Today, I was sitting at my desk, tip tap typing away when I looked over and what did I see?

Seriously. Who does that? If you look inside the house, you can see Jetpack sleeping with his head on Mouse’s stomach. I mean, I love that they’re best friends and all, but do they have to be so weird?

Oh, gerballs, you were $5 well spent.

Hi! We’re awesome!

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