They Finally Got the Office With a Window

Good news, everyone!

After two and a half days of almost total rest, I seem to be on the upswing! Not only that, all my kids went to school today! Hooray! Stimeyland is getting back to health!

There is more good news too. I got a new desk. I know. Could this week get any better?

Anyway, I actually got the desk from IKEA last Saturday. It is the MALM with the pull-out panel. In the birch veneer. It’s pretty awesome. I no longer have a desk. I have a MALM. Life is so good.

One of the great features about my new MALM is that I rearranged my office area so as to give my gerbils a window. The back of their tank used to face a file folder. Now it faces a window. I am such a generous overlord. I’ve raised the blind enough so they have a little view of the outside world. Just, you know, enough to really get to fear it.

You are Jetpaaaack!

Hello, outside world! Why are you so open and scary? And full of predators?

I imagine the really terrifying thing, however, is not the tree outside the window, but the fact that their home is about a foot away from my giant head every time I sit at my desk. I think that would be scary.

You know those little stress dolls that you squeeze and then their eyes bug out real far? I imagine that it would be scary like that to be a gerbil who lived on my desk. If you can’t get a little word picture in your brain from that, I’ll give you a real picture:

You are Jetpaaaack!

Have you ever seen a more freaked out looking gerbil? I swear to God, I’m not squeezing him.

Jetpack doesn’t really love getting cuddled. Mouse is a little bit more okay with it, but I wouldn’t say he is totally on board. However, because I give them each a sunflower seed every evening when I either pet or hold one or both of them, they come running over to my hand every time I open their tank. I like that.

What I don’t like is that Mouse sleeps like he is dead. Today, I was sitting at my desk, tip tap typing away when I looked over and what did I see?

Hi, Mouse!


Seriously. Who does that? If you look inside the house, you can see Jetpack sleeping with his head on Mouse’s stomach. I mean, I love that they’re best friends and all, but do they have to be so weird?

Oh, gerballs, you were $5 well spent.


Hi! We’re awesome!

12 thoughts on “They Finally Got the Office With a Window

    • I really like your gerbils. Also, I want to come over on Friday some time because, according to your blog, Fridays are awesome at your place.

  1. I love your cute gerbils! I got 2 gerbils when my son was little. They were great! I know what you mean by liking it when they come to your hand because they know you have a sunflower seed. I’m the same way with my cats. I love it when they run after me in the morning and the evening wanting their food. It makes me feel needed. And they are cute!

  2. Thank you. I SO needed pictures of furry gerbils today. And they are SO cute.

    Glad you are all back on the mend.

  3. Gerbils! I would still read your blog even if it was only gerbils, all the time. My childhood pet gerbils were not very cuddly. I want to get rats someday, because they are usually cuddlier if socialized.

  4. Well, they are adorable; however I do wonder if gerbils like being held. He does look very … alert.

    Also, I thought they slept curled up – hence the name, gerballs. [I’m not kidding – our gerbils slept with their heads tucked in. I think. It was definitely less alarming.]

    I’m sure you’ve thought of this already; however if that window faces south, you might put up an extra curtain or screen on sunny days. Of course, the central heating never, ever, turns on at MY place.

  5. There’s a fascinating program on ch. 26 right now, featuring ‘Rodents’.

    Did you know that there are more than a thousand kinds of rodents? And, that squirrels can tell the difference between white-oak acorns, and red-oak acorns? Apparently, this is important to discern when storing food for winter – lacking a Whole Foods in their neighborhood.

    Sorry, this show makes me laugh. :)

  6. I was the last to get whatever is going around our house. Thought I was over it, then it made a resurgence. On the plus side I seem to have brought it to my office JK. Well I have but I’m kidding its a plus

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