Yes, You’re in the Right Place

MC910216367You may notice that things are a little awry here. The pontificating gerbil is missing. My sidebars aren’t fixed up. Colors are weird.

See, I managed to finally install a custom theme for my blog here and I can tell I am going to be really happy with it, but I have to do some learning first about how to use it before I can, you know, actually use it.

So, if you will, please bear with me and if you see something that seems really terrible, let me know and I’ll make an attempt to fix it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going back to the tutorial videos I’ve been poring over all evening.

Update: The gerbil is back! I am awesome! Thesis theme, you are my bitch! Now I just have to figure out how to get rid of that godsdamned generic text box in the upper right.

Update the Second: I did it! I got rid of the useless text box! I am a HERO. That’s right, a HERO.

Update the Third: It’s almost 1 am. It’s possible I’m a little punchy. I think I’ll go to bed and try to further destroy my blog design tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Yes, You’re in the Right Place

  1. Sorry, for remaining anonymous… I just prefer it that way and there’s no need to post this but: I never saw it as a “pontificating gerbil”… I always though it was a “disco dancing gerbil.” Kind of a John Travolta ’80s thing going on in the rodent world. Just thought you might want to know. Either way, it somehow works just fine. :o)

    • Oh my God, this made me laugh. Now I can’t see anything other than the disco dancing gerbil. I might like that better.

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