Cold & Colds: Correlative or Causative?

Are we all agreed that being cold doesn’t get you sick? Can someone tell that to my nose and my head? Because I’m pretty sure that running outside in really cold weather made me sick.

I’m particularly annoyed because I have to run a 5k race on Sunday. Outside. In cold weather. While already sick.

I’m pretty certain I am going to end up with the consumption afterward. Yes. That is EXACTLY what causes the consumption.

The t-shirt better be awesome.


In other, cuter news, here is a picture of Sam scribing for Jack when Jack did his homework last night. It was adorable. And the most fun I’ve had doing homework for years.

You should pretend they are eating salads rather than McDonald's, okay?

You should pretend they are eating salads rather than McDonald’s, okay?

Now I’m going to try to go sleep this headache and runny nose away.

7 thoughts on “Cold & Colds: Correlative or Causative?

  1. McDonalds makes excellent bribery. I hope everybody lets you nap tomorrow so you’ll be ready to earn that new t-shirt.

    And if not, let me know, and I’ll order you something awesome from Cafepress as a consolation prize.

  2. Ooo, ooo; i love this older sibling scribe thing. Of course, mine both have fine motor issues. I’m betting I keep my scribe job. Oh well, a girl can dream. ;)

    Feel better soon! Wait why did you post multiple things if you’re sick? I love you, but really, REST!

  3. Cold can’t give you a cold as that is bacteria or virus ( you probably already knew that ) but it can *tax* your system a bit allowing little buggers to get an opportunity to invade! Plus you were exercising, that is taxing enough.
    Get Well.

  4. I am so glad I got to see you this weekend! Even with your cold, you’re a beautiful person and I love conversing with you.

    Now where’s that post on your thoughts of the removal of the Asperger’s no longer being recognized??

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