Delete the OTHER Posts; Read THIS One

Guess what? I keep learning fun things about WordPress. Like, if say I were to add 30 posts to my archive in the 2010 and 2011 sections, some of you would get THIRTY INDIVIDUAL EMAILS from me telling you about, OMG THE EUNICE KENNEDY SHRIVER CHARITY WALK WILL BE HELD TWO YEARS AGO!!!!!

Read all about it!

See, I’m moving all my Autism Unexpected posts over to my blog so I have them here. Back over on Blogger, I could do that sort of thing without anybody being all, Whoa! I’m over my Stimey quota for the day! Evidently WordPress is more efficient about its email feeds.

Also, frankly, I really don’t blame you because if I have to read more than six or seven paragraphs that I write, I also try to unsubscribe. But I can’t. Because this shit is running through my head all the time.

Aside: Quinn was trying to read a book this afternoon, so I “Quinned” him. I asked him question after question and talked to him about everything that went through my brain and I finished every sentence with, “Right? Right, Quinn?” He was all, “CAN YOU STOP THAT!?” It was awesome.

Anywho, I have 19 more Autism Unexpected columns to transfer over to Stimeyland. I want to have them here in case they get suddenly deleted over there. You never know.

So. What to do. Is there a way to NOT send something out through my WordPress feed? See, I subscribe via my Feedblitz feed and I didn’t get 30 emails, so I’m not even sure how it happened. (Shut up. Yes, I subscribe to my own feed. That’s how I get alerted to problems that my readers might have. Oh. Wait. That totally didn’t work this time. Huh.)

What I think is going to happen is that I am going to wait a couple weeks and then on a Saturday when no one gets emails I will do it real fast like so you can delete them in a batch. You should just know that I don’t plan on regularly sending you dozens of emails at a time.

I will, however, continue to write endless posts about minutiae that most of you don’t care about/are unaffected by.


In other news, I made a quiz for you for White Knuckle Parenting all about classroom parties. Like this:

Classroom parties are:

(a) awesome
(b) horrifying
(c) a way for school systems to torture you years after you have graduated.

8 thoughts on “Delete the OTHER Posts; Read THIS One

  1. Quinn is awesome. Joey now begins and ends sentences around the house with “Mommy? Right, Mommy?”

    And I remind myself of the long days when he had no name for me at all.

    Then I tell him to go ask Daddy. “Daddy? Right, Daddy?”

    And all is awesome.

  2. I can’t help you with your feed problems. I don’t subscribe. I like to take the time to check everyday for new content. Obviously I don’t have enough to do.

    Anywho, I checked out the Wheaton Patch article on School Parties. Loved the quiz. Although, with regards to question 3, my Q’s school staggers the parties through out the day so parents can find parking. So that meant that Q’s party was at 9:30am. They do head out to a 30 minute recess right after the party so that might work off that sugar rush.

    I volunteered to be the craft person for both kids’ parties. I did not come up with the craft for the 2nd graders. But I ran the table. Oi. It included paint and glitter and stickers and glue. It took me 20 minutes to clean up. But the kids LOVED it.

    The craft that I chose for my son’s ASD group was a much simpler beaded heart project. But the beads got spilled 3 times so we had fun picking those up. His party was at the usual end of the day.

    Honestly, I can’t imagine adding 1 more party to the mix. I have a friend who has 3 kids at my Q’s school so she was basically at the school all day. But your kids are at 3 different schools. Do you have a TARDIS that you are not sharing?

  3. Honestly…all the notifies are a bit of a tease. You look and say…”SWEET! 40 new Stimey posts!!!” And you get there and it’s like, “wait a minute…”

    also, you should draw more pictures.

    Also also, I love the Quinn response.

  4. Thank you so much for explaining. I didn’t want to sound like I was complaining. I am reading them, since I missed them the first time. Now I won’t start to loose it when my new e mails double in number and think what on earth are the moms in my son’s kinder going on about this time. (the other reason my mailbox fills up)

  5. Subscribing through my reader doesn’t give me all those “extras” I guess. And I am fine with that. BTW I really like this commenting thingy better than the old one. I’m articulate, aren’t I?

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