Friday, February 22, 2013

Motivation Dip

worth it I’m having a hard time with motivation these days. Part of it is my mood and part of it that it is fucking COLD outside and the third half is that my outdoor runs lately have been like slogs and the indoor runs quickly turn into strolls on the treadmill and it is just HARD to maintain running four or five days a week when your natural state is SLOTH.

Also, food is delicious. Especially lemon bars and peanut butter cups. Plus, I keep pushing off my quitting soda plan because I’m, well, I’m scared. And more also, I seem to have lost just enough weight that I have to hitch my pants up all the time, but not enough that I’m ready to go out and buy new clothes or feel better about myself yet.

I’m just a little tired. I understand that sloth and mood are connected and cyclical as well as seasonal, but I also recognize that maybe it’s okay to give into it for a couple of days.

I’m not giving up though.


I am going to take a weekend and not beat myself up if I don’t run. I might eat some lemon bars. I am going to binge like a motherfucker on soda. I’m also going to write out a training plan for next week.
Then I am going to come back stronger. It is a process, right?

I’m also going to read a lot of motivational posters that I pinned on Pinterest because sometimes that gets me out the door wearing sneakers.

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