Motivation Dip

I’m having a hard time with motivation these days. Part of it is my mood and part of it that it is fucking COLD outside and the third half is that my outdoor runs lately have been like slogs and the indoor runs quickly turn into strolls on the treadmill and it is just HARD to maintain running four or five days a week when your natural state is SLOTH.

Also, food is delicious. Especially lemon bars and peanut butter cups. Plus, I keep pushing off my quitting soda plan because I’m, well, I’m scared. And more also, I seem to have lost just enough weight that I have to hitch my pants up all the time, but not enough that I’m ready to go out and buy new clothes or feel better about myself yet.

I’m just a little tired. I understand that sloth and mood are connected and cyclical as well as seasonal, but I also recognize that maybe it’s okay to give into it for a couple of days.

I’m not giving up though.


I am going to take a weekend and not beat myself up if I don’t run. I might eat some lemon bars. I am going to binge like a motherfucker on soda. I’m also going to write out a training plan for next week.

Then I am going to come back stronger. It is a process, right?

I’m also going to read a lot of motivational posters that I pinned on Pinterest because sometimes that gets me out the door wearing sneakers.

14 thoughts on “Motivation Dip

  1. Lol binge away I say! We all are guilty of “the binge”. Start fresh on Monday but be prepared to feel like shit physically. It will be a good reminder of why you are trying to give it up. It is definitely a process. Stay strong!

  2. It is totally a process and I believe you have to allow yourself the imperfections, the slips and the treading water. Not like I’m some kind of expert but when you’re super hard on yourself you’re more likely to fail. Hey did I mention that I think you are awesomely brave to put your accountability all out here on the interwebs? Bravo! I would NEVER. Maybe I will want to be you when I grow up!

  3. Motivation dip. Goes well with tortilla chips. Or potato chips. (My poison!)

    Seriously, let yourself wallow a little. And enjoy it–but not too much!

  4. It’s February. We all feel that way. I managed to jack up my calf, so I’m not running at the moment. There is a small piece of me that’s not upset that I can’t run a 50 mile week in cold weather. (The rest of me is freaking the heck out ’cause OMG it’s 3 weeks until my races, but that small piece is super happy LOL.)

    Hang in there. Every small healthy choice is a step in the right direction.

  5. It helps me to have a long term yearly plan with an “off season” around the holidays and a base building slow period starting in January. It also helps me to monthly have about 3 weeks of building a little longer each week with the 4th week being a “recovery” week of easing off and doing whatever the heck I want to without feeling guilty cause it’s “recovery”. Donuts and soda are okay during “recovery”. Sleeping in – okay during “recovery”. Good luck!

  6. I’ve been (quietly, shhh, don’t tell anyone) doing Weight Watchers since around Thanksgiving. And (for me) I’ve been kicking butt. Actually tracking what I eat! Exercise (well, walking long distances is my only exercise, but it counts) isn’t my problem; french fries are. Anyway, long story short, I just recently accepted that I actually AM getting somewhere. Like you, clothes getting a little looser. Feeling good, in control. SO OF COURSE I’ve spend the last week completely out of control and unable to stop myself from pigging out on anything that passes within a mile of me and is either fried, salty, or has cheese on it. Preferably all three.


    It’s just a hitch. We will come back. We will be stronger. TELL ME WE WILL BE STRONGER.

  7. Stimey, I believe we are always in a depressive state of our lives .. it comes and goes. But, there’s a TIME for everything! And everything is WORTH it! :-) I love the way you say, I AM NOT GIVING UP! Yeah, you are really a tough cookie! Stay motivated…

  8. An ex- prima ballerina once told me, “when you feel like binging, run more.”

    If you don’t give up, I won’t give up! (down 10 lbs so far) I would not worry about the Diet Coke… IMO, are worse vices (like donuts).

    And kudos on the pants thing! Yesterday I put on jeans just out the dryer and they were still tight and I was borderline suicidal and ready to drive to Dunkin’ Donuts. Then my husband reminded me, “they just came out of the *dryer*… nobody’s pants fit just out of the dryer.”

  9. You go girl! You can totally do this. I feel your same motivational dip – and my friend was asking the people who run her gym a few weeks ago when the dip in traffic happens and they said “RIGHT NOW!” which is just to say – this is a really hard time to stay motivated. BUT…you can do this. How about think of this in terms of weeks, not the year right now? I’ll get through the next TWO WEEKS of working hard, and then the days will be longer (and hopefully warmer!) and you can help let Spring’s momentum carry you. But for now? You’re at the really hard spot – so just keep going for two more weeks and see if you can make it. I’m going to reread your post tonight and force myself to plod along on that treadmill. Let’s do this!

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