Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Patol, Bingo & True Love

The fourth grade at Jack’s school had an exhibit today of the projects they’d created for their Native American projects. Jack had very enthusiastically created a replica of a game called patol and I very enthusiastically noticed that patol was far easier to recreate than any number of other projects: dolls, boots, clothes, igloos, dioramas, fancy weaponry…

I know he looks hungover or something, but I swear we let him sleep.
In the photo above, you can see the fantastic doll made by R, a girl in Jack’s class that he calls “the most beautiful girl in the world.”

I tell you this for a reason (in addition to telling you so I have an excuse to post that photo). The exhibit took place late in the day, so I just brought Jack home with me afterward, in time to pick Quinn up from the bus stop.

Jack usually comes home later than Quinn, so it is unusual for him to meet Quinn’s bus, on which rides Jack’s very good girl friend, E, with whom Jack used to go to school. Jack and E have long had plans to get married, and Jack was delighted to see her again, as they hadn’t seen each other for a while.

She got off the bus and bum rushed Jack, giving him a huge hug. It was really beautiful to see. They, like, just gazed at each other for a while. I love that girl so much. Also Jack. I also love Jack so much.

They hugged for a while and were very excited to be in each other’s presence, when Jack very seriously turned to E and said, “I am in love with another. Her name is [the most beautiful girl in the world].”

To E’s credit, she handled it pretty well. I wouldn’t count her out just yet.


You might have missed my live tweeting last Friday of Quinn’s bingo night. Never fear. I wrote all about it for White Knuckle Parenting. I even learned a lesson about giving in to chaos.

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