St. Sugartine’s Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Who doesn’t love Valentine’s Day? (Me.)

Mostly I see Valentine’s Day as an exercise in forcing my kids to write 26 names each on little scraps of cardboard and checking to see how many of Jack’s classmates he actually knows. I imagine that Alex sees Valentine’s Day as an exercise in wishing he’d married someone more romantic.

My kids, on the other hand, see Valentine’s Day as a wonderful chance to ingest as much sugar as is humanly possible.

In case you are wondering, it is possible to ingest a HUGE amount of sugar.

Sam’s day was largely an enigma, what with his being a fifth grader who doesn’t need mom at his Valentine’s Day party as long as she buys him a bag of corn chips for him to take into school ostensibly for the class, but mostly just for him, thank you very much.

Although his afternoon did end with him hiding behind a piano at a party, so I don’t think we should count sugar out for him entirely.

To be fair, a magician told him to do it, so...

To be fair, a grown man calling himself the Great Zucchini told him to do it, so…

Here is the Great Zucchini himself, bringing joy to a room full of special needs kids and their families—and standing RIGHT in front waving his arms around, Jack.

Jack laughed a whole lot today.

Jack flipped his lid laughing at this guy. It was great.

Many thanks to Sir Zucchini for his show and to my friend B for inviting us. Also thank you for living the “your baby is my baby” philosophy today, B.

Jack’s school party isn’t until tomorrow, but he gave Alex and I valentines today on which he’d written poetry. Now, I’m not a big poetry girl, but Jack writes some good verse.

To me:

Violets are blue
Roses are pink
I really like love
and hate really stinks!

To Alex:

Roses r red
Violets r blue
I’m so awesome
and I ♥ u!

See what I mean? That’s good stuff right there.

I’m going to his party tomorrow, so I am sure there will be a Part II to his Valentine’s story, but for now, what I do have are photos of Quinn, who had a sugar-coated day that can pretty much be summarized in the following four photos.

1. Before the Sugar:


Ice cream at school?! This was Quinn’s favorite day in the history of days!

2. Post Sugar Ingestion:


This is what a lot of ice cream, a box of chocolates, and a bag of blue Fun Dip will to a person.

3. Ruh-roh! The Sugar Has Kicked In!


This is what a lot of ice cream, a box of chocolates, and a blue bag of Fun Dip will do to a person when it is followed up by a loud classroom full of singing second graders and combined with sensory processing issues.

4. Can’t Talk. Coming Down.


In this photo, taken at the after-school party, Quinn refuses to acknowledge that there is a party with a beloved children’s entertainer going on around him.

I hope your day was lovely in its own way and that you didn’t have to hide behind any pianos or in any cubbies to get through it. But if you did, that’s okay too.


This week at White Knuckle Parenting, I wrote about my kids’ life stages through their adulthood. I was a little more detailed about the early ages, because the oldest one is only 11.

11 thoughts on “St. Sugartine’s Day

  1. I’m SO grateful that Valentine’s Day here is not for children. In NZ, you only send a Valentine to your significant other (and most of the people I know don’t even do that).
    But I hope you & Alex had a good one :-)

  2. FunDip! That seems to be the Valentine of Choice for the 5th graders at my son’s school. Seriously, out of 25 kids, he got 6 FunDips. Which no one in my house likes all that much. And SweetTarts! 4 packages of SweetTarts.

    The 2nd grader hasn’t dumped out her Valentine’s to see what she has. But I’m guessing it’s more of the same. Although she did eat one package of her brother’s FunDip!

    On the plus side, since it’s not chocolate, *I* won’t eat it. On the other hand, no one else will either. My kids just aren’t that into the FunDip! and SweetTarts!

    And that is why I prefer Halloween to Valentine’s Day. Halloween = chocolate. Valentine’s Day = weird sour powdery/chalky candy

    • You are so right. I never really thought about it, but the candy is definitely of a different category on Valentine’s Day.

  3. You make it hard for me to pick a favorite kid when you write about them all being so funny and awesome and adorable. Did you see the religious Valentine someone gave Joseph? Weird right? Did any of your kids get religious Valentines? Is that a thing now?

  4. Jealous. B barely got any sugar-laden candies from his Valentine haul. However, we have plenty of pencils to play swords with.

  5. The poems are great – especially love the second one! With a minor edit, Jack can give that poem to future girlfriends. You know, when he’s old enough.
    Roses r red
    Violets r blue
    YOU’RE so awesome
    and I ♥ u!
    Also, since when do kids give candy for Valentine’s day? [This is a rhetorical question btw.]

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