Where I’ve Been and What Makes Me Happy

Hello, friends. I’ve been feeling a little down lately, which is one of the reasons I haven’t been writing very much here. I have lots of stuff swirling through my head that I can’t get out on paper (or blog) and it just keeps swirling. Things have been feeling kind of overwhelming. Also I’ve been trying to figure out my endgame, meaning if I want to write a book, I have to just write the damn book.

Mostly though, I just want to take naps. No one needs anything from me in my naps.

I also like running. Running has been making me happy. The problem is that it is really, really cold these days and it makes me not want to go outside. Also I have a really painful blister right now.

I know. My life. TRAGIC.

The things that make me not depressed though, are my kids. Today (yesterday by now?) was President’s Day, so my kids didn’t have school. Naturally this meant that I scheduled them all for dentist appointments.

I am the meanest mom in the world.

Fortunately, dentists nowadays are kind of awesome for my kiddos. Three kids, two dentists in two different states, dozens of teeth, and not a single cavity! Hooray!

Jack’s appointment was first. His dentist office always amuses me. Sam and Quinn are always excited to go because they have air hockey and movies in the waiting room. Jack is also happy to go because they let him choose from their giant selection of movies while he has his teeth worked on. He chooses Bolt every single time. It is hysterical. He has seen the first half hour of that movie a million times now.

So much better than back when the dentist was such a horror show for the poor kid.

So much better than back when the dentist was such a horror show for the poor kid.

We actually have that movie on DVD. Maybe I’ll show him the end of it some day. (He has actually seen the end before.)

After Jack’s appointment, we headed home for a while before we went to dentist #2, who told us that Sam needs to go to an orthodontist. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Maybe the best part of my day though, was listening to Quinn talk to the dentist and the hygienist. That kid is funnier than anyone I know and so casually in love with himself. (Sometimes he’ll just wander around saying, “I’m great! I’m awesome! I’m great!” No self-esteem issues there.)

The hygienist asked how old he was and Quinn started reciting facts: “I am in second grade. I am seven years old. I am awesome.”

That kid. I have to get some of what he has. But until he tells me his secret, I’ll just hang out near him and his brothers and hope that some of their awesomeness rubs off on me.

I actually feel kind of better just putting that little bit out on the page. Huh. Maybe writing really IS therapeutic.

25 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been and What Makes Me Happy

  1. Most random comment ever, but I need to give a shout-out to the Band Aid Advanced Healing strips for blisters. They’re kind of gummy in texture and cover over the whole blister, but keep the edges from drying out and cuts the healing time in half.

    (of course, if you heal your blister, then you only have the cold to whine about, which makes you an even bigger baby for not running than you are by complaining about the cold AND a blister, so heal at your own risk)

    • I went to the store today and bought those. I am READY for my next blister. BRING IT. But, like you say, now I have to go running. :(

  2. Can your boys please come to my house and convince my kids that they are awesome? Because Joey’s self-deprecation is really starting to drag us down. And your guys are awesome, so its a great excuse to get them together. Right?

  3. I know the sleep thing very well. I also know the running thing. The writing thing not so much but I can say your writing cheers me up if that mean anything.

    • Also, this second comment cheers me up too, because I know EXACTLY what you are talking about here. :)

  4. Maybe it’s a doldrummy (totally is a word) time of year. I can find endless reasons to nap, and do nap most days in a fruitless attempt to stave off a migraine. You on the other hand are marvelous! Your children are fabulous too, probably because you’ve raised them to be free thinkers that don’t view their little quirks as something to be ashamed of. Awesome woman + amazing writer + fantastic mom = ………….. Well you do the math but I’m sure it’s something to brag about!

  5. Eeerrrr…dentist visits…I would love to find one that lets Tate watch videos while his teeth are cleaned. Right now, it’s a very chaotic appointment with loads of whimpering and whining…and that’s just me.

    I hope you feel less “down” soon..these winter doldrums are the worst!! Sneak in some kiddo time, I know that tends to help chase the blues away…plus, your kids are pretty awesome, so I think Quinn is onto something there. :)

  6. Saw the bag for Jack. We got to a diff’t special needs dentist in that area. I like her, but she doesn’t have TVs in the exam room. Harumph.

  7. Hey you. Nothing wrong with some “down” time, swirling thoughts, lots of naps. (Either that or I’m in total denial!) Glad to hear your boyz are hilarious. Mine too! This morning, I was pouring my first cup of coffee in my ratty robe when he asked me, “Mommy, are you enticing?” Bwwwaaaaa! (On further investigation, he fessed up it was from a Rihanna song that has inappropriate language. I almost didn’t want to nix it; there are some awesome vocabulary words in there, too.) as long as we’re laughing, we’re good…right?

  8. 7 year old boys ARE awesome! And if you don’t believe ’em, just ask! Connor is still convinced – despite all available evidence – that he’ll be a professional baseball player some day because he is so good. I keep saying – sabermetrics might be more your calling, but he’s not buying it for a minute.

  9. It can be extremely therapeutic. I am sorry you are down, as someone who has battled depression and anxiety for a very long time, I know what you are going though. I am glad you found something that brought out your joy, kids are great for that. For me, If I can get past today, I will be in my normal place.

  10. There must be something about this time of year, because I’ve heard from so many people that they’re in a similar funk. And, okay, maybe me too.

    So glad the dental appointments went well. I need some of Quinn’s mojo for Connor. I LOVE that he goes around giving himself positive affirmations. There’s a lesson in that for the rest of us, don’t you think?

  11. Vitamin D. Seems a few times weekly I hear of people needing to go on Vitamin D supplements this winter. Me included. Its been so darn gray this winter. And its a downward spiral. Low Vitamin D, sluggish. Sluggish, no going outside. No going outside, lower Vitamin D levels.
    I seriously can’t wait for sun. So much better to run in and reverse the downward sluggish cycle.

  12. This time of year is tough for a lot of people who live places with cold gray winters. I’m betting once you get back out running you’ll feel better. And those kids just have to make you smile!

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