Eleven Things

• So. The Great Quitting of the Soda. I have only had a couple of days when I drank zero soda. BUT! I have not had more than two cans on any day, which I think makes me a normal person in terms of soda drinking. Yay, me! Don’t worry; soon enough there will be far more zero-soda days than two-can days.

• Quinn has started reading chapter books! Of his own free will he has voluntarily read THREE chapter books in two days all on his own after YEARS of only reading them if I begged him. Weird.

• There appears to be some sort of strange sharpened pencil shortage in Quinn’s classroom. I was there today and there was all kinds of creative sharpening happening. I brought all of Quinn’s pencils home to sharpen at my leisure. When he found them after school, he was like a junkie finding a fix.

• I have still not been doing a lot of running. This is mostly because I have stopped wanting to run in the cold weather. I am trying to will warm weather to arrive. Unfortunately, my area is supposed to get five inches of snow tomorrow.

• People here are calling this storm the Snowquester, because no economic crisis is too serious to make a weather-related joke out of.

• Even though I have had two weeks of, shall we say, less than stellar running, I have run more than 100 miles so far this year over the equivalent of more than a 24-hour day.

• Alex is out of town. If the Snowquester knocks my power out, I will die. If the Snowquester knocks my power out while Alex is out of town, I will kill him. I don’t know why. I just will.

• Do you watch The Walking Dead? Did you watch last Sunday’s episode? Because it was so good. Stories like that are why I like zombie fiction. Best. Episode. Ever. Discuss.

• I think that Quinn is starting to get inside my head. Last night I had a dream about a field full of kittens. I wonder if that is what is happening in Quinn’s head all the time. Because it was kind of awesome.

LympheDIVAs created the most amazing lymphedema sleeves in honor of Susan. Read Marty’s post about them here. They are gorgeous. I love them so much. They are just so perfect. See?

hubble collection

• Aaaaaand, last, I managed to write an entire White Knuckle Parenting column based on a half-hour ride on the Metro with my kids. Happily, it was a fun story, not a “Team Stimey being dorks out and about” story.

13 thoughts on “Eleven Things

  1. There’s a joke about snowquester and power outages and Congress in there somewhere but I am way too tired to come up with it. I better not dream of zombies now.

  2. Ha! I loved the last episode of Walking Dead too. I was wondering what happened to that guy and his son. I was glad to find out.

    Carl is turning into a bad ass with little ass kicker as a sister. Works for me.

    Michonne shined in this episode too.

    • I know. I didn’t like Carl for a long time, but he’s getting less whiny and dumb and I’m liking him better. Michonne = awesome. The only thing missing from this episode was Daryl.

  3. Those sleeves are so many amazing kinds of awesome. I get a bit teary just seeing them.
    Yay Quinn reading chapter books! Last night my 6yo read me 17 pages of Fox in Socks -his own suggestion. I was impressed. It’s much harder than the books his teacher sends home! And, you know, tongue-twisting. Chicks and blocks and bricks and clocks.

    • I know. The sleeves are so amazing. SO amazing.

      Fox in Socks is deceptively simple looking. Much harder to read. :)

  4. A few years ago I went from two to one Diet Cokes/day. It was tough, but knowing I’m allowing myself one is a big help. So good luck to you in the zero endeavor.
    And congrats on the chapter books! My 7-y.-o. has “learn to read” as an IEP goal this year. If he’s getting any closer, he’s not telling.

    • Reading is a tough one. Especially chapter books. Jack used to say that reading pages full of text hurt him. I think it was just too much information. He is a much bigger fan of books like Big Nate or Diary of a Wimpy Kid, where the text is broken up with pictures, etc. We’re still working on chapter books with him. Good luck to your kiddo!! It will come. (Or maybe he just really *isn’t* telling. :) )

      • I had troubles with ready chapter books as a kid too. It turned out I had poor convergence in my eyes. I couldn’t read chapter books without great trials until my mid twenties.

        My big cure was Harry Potter. First I was motivated to read and finish it. Second, each subsequent book had the type face smaller and the lines closer together. It worked out my eyes at an appropriate rate. I had to build up the eye strength to get through the series.

        Food for thought.

  5. First of all, the sleeves are beautiful – what a lovely tribute to your friend Susan. Hopefully, in the future, no one will actually need the sleeves.
    Secondly, I am that annoying person who:
    really only watches PBS [ok, that, and ACC basketball],
    doesn’t have cable or FiOS tv [got the internet, not the tv], and
    is *terrified* of zombies [they don’t really exist, right??] ….
    However, I admit that while watching part of the Downton Abbey marathon this weekend, I thought, ‘What if some of them are actually vampires, and the good manners are just a ploy to make us think that they are early 20th century upper class British people?’ Then I turned off the tv. Obviously.

  6. Oh, forgot to say – kittens and chapter books are much nicer than zombies.

  7. I am following your soda quitting story closely.

    Partly because I am slightly addicted to the d.c. Partly because my husband is a lobbyist for the soft drink industry. Although we don’t let our children drink soda because children should not be drinking soda.

    It’s complicated.

  8. Love WD. I almost gave up in the first post-Darabond half-season, but glad I stuck with it. I had always wondered what happened to the guy who saved Rick.

    Are you doing sodastream? I tried to balance diet soda with carbonated water, tho I’m too lazy to carbonate regularly. Good luck!!

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