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You guys are the best, most informative peoples ever. I am so glad I asked for your opinion on fresh food! I want to thank every single one of you who responded to my question. I plan on emailing each of you back; I just haven’t had a chance yet. Also, thank you to those of you who offered further help. I’ll be in touch with you guys as well! Right now, I’m busy taking notes on all the wonderful comments and emails from you. Stay tuned for more on #project stimey #subprojectfreshfood!

I have another question for you. This one is aimed at the runners and sports medicine physicians among you.

So. Last Saturday while I was running, I tweaked my hip. I felt it happen and ran home another mile on it. I didn’t want to make it worse, so I stayed off of it and iced it.

(This is what the information I found on the internet led me to believe would fix me. FIXME!FIXME!FIXFIXFIXFIXME!)

By this Saturday (yesterday), I almost couldn’t feel any pain when I was walking around so I went for a very short run. After about a mile it started to hurt again, even worse than before. There was no way I could run on it today.

The whole thing has me extremely depressed.

What do I do? Anybody have this kind of thing in their hip? Will ice and rest help it? Should I go to a doctor? Do I need to amputate? Will someone assure me that I will be running again very soon? Because I am rilly rilly sad about the whole thing.

I need that advice, please! What will make me better?

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  1. A few ideas—alternate a heating pad and ice massage for a few days…also, try using a foam roller to roll out whatever it is (warning–foam rollers are like torture, but I promise that they work). I am a fan of ibuprofen to reduce inflammation for a few days…and worst case—you can find a sports med doc or orthopedic doc and talk to them about a cortisone shot. feel better!!!

  2. Time for rest, alternating heat, ice, ibuprofen and rest and consulting a sports med doc or ortho doc. There are so many things that can be causing the pain but now is not the time to run through it. The rest has to be the hardest part this I know is true. I was sidelined for a few months with a hip stress fracture from running. The pain can be so many things so the best bet is resting, icing, heat, anti-inflammatory e’s and consulting a specialty doc and not Dr. Google….oh and lots of patience and knowing so many runners have hit this bump in the road and soon enough were running again.

  3. First – “hip” is very general. What is the exact location of the pain? What were you doing when the injury happened? I know you we’re running, but were you running uphill? Downhill? Flat? Did it happen as you drove the leg down or as you were lifting it?
    The short answer is you WILL run again. The question is just how soon? All depends on exactly what you did.

  4. I am an avid runner and used to work at a Running specialty store. I agree with the previous comments. Before the run I would do the heat pad on the hip, use the foam roller, and google some hip stretches and yoga poses that have emphasis on the hip. After the run I would stretch/yoga, foam roll, and then ice. Another suggestion would be to check the shoes you are wearing. I had a lot of customers come in with similiar injuries because they were wearing the wrong type of running shoes(neutral cushion vs stability) or their shoes were too worn down or not even the proper type of running shoe(example:nike shocks = crap). I would recommend going to a Running specialty store near you and have them fit you. They should have expertise to guide you and give you suggestions. Please let me know if you have any questions.

  5. I don’t know about hips, but every pain I’ve ever had – achilles, shin, knee – has always resulted from my ITB being tight. Stretch it out, roll on a tennis ball or foam roller if you have one. Rest. Eat chocolate.

  6. Yes, the first thing you need to do is pinpoint what exactly is injured, as there are a lot of areas of the hip. I manage my chronic “hip” pain with some chiropractic therapy, physical therapy, stretches, and foam roller exercises. I agree w/ the comments about your sneaks… I’m a dance fitness instructor, and the shoes matter the most! Most of my pain is either from the QL or the IT Band, which are more back-t0-side pain that kind of wraps around.

  7. I don’t have advice, but I’m sorry you’re hurting and that you’re not able to run as much as you want. Ugh.

  8. Usually when I start getting injuries/knee or hip soreness it is because it’s time for new shoes or I need to stretch more. I’m terrible at icing and resting so I have no advice there, but when I’m sore from a run I will bike or get on ellipitical instead until I’m not as sore. Foam rollers are good too. A friend told me I could use a swim noodle since I didn’t have a regular foam roller. It hurts but works. Good luck!

  9. Fully agree with the great suggestions above:

    1. Pinpoint exactly what you were doing when the tweak occurred
    2. Get expert advice on your shoes*
    3. Plenty of gentle stretching [lots of muscle groups there to loosen up]

    After 33,000 miles of running, I’d say the shoes and stretching, plus a gentle but continuous body awareness [yoga mindset] are my top recommendations. I had been developing a niggle on the outside of one knee recently, and as soon as I switched away from the bouncier air injected Nikes back to EVA foam midsoles [much more natural bio-feedback], that niggle has receded.

    Decades ago, a very wise Frenchwoman wrote a book called ‘The Body Has Its Reasons’. Yes, indeed…

    The beauty of yogo/stretching is that not only does it promote healing/ flexibility/ strength, it tunes you in so much more to what’s happening inside, connecting mind and body. That means you’ll be more likely to recover sooner, heal better and know when you’re truly ready to ease back out onto the road…

    And just to re-emphasise, Jeremy’s definitely right about shoe advice.

    Good luck!

    P.S. If you can manage to swim, stride on an elliptical trainer or do any other type of training meanwhile, that will make the “down time” so much more bearable, and your running will bounce back so much more quickly…

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