Stimey’s Guide to Life, Part I

I’m not very good at life. I mean, sure, I bumble through with a fair amount of humor and joy, but I’m not very good at planning things in an adult manner. While most of you are flying, I am like Buzz Lightyear: I am falling with style.

My kids’ spring break starts tomorrow. Naturally, I was sitting around this afternoon making travel plans…for tomorrow. No better time to plan for a vacation than the day before, right? And no better time to plan car travel than right smack dab in the middle of a freak late-March winter storm.

I can’t even claim that I didn’t know the storm was coming because I planned the stupid trip the day before.

Also, we’re going to an outdoor destination.

I’m the best at this stuff.

It’s going to be me, my three kids, outdoor activities, a hotel with a pool, and an ADVENTURE! We’ll be back Tuesday…hopefully.

p.s. Next time Alex is all, “Hey, do you want to take the kids to Key West over spring break?” remind me to not be such a rigid moron that I refuse to consider it.


12 thoughts on “Stimey’s Guide to Life, Part I

  1. Better than me. I usually wake up in the morning and say, “hey, what shall we do today?” and then Joey freaks out on the spot because we are adventuring without warning.

    • That’s exactly what I do: freak out in the face of adventuring without warning.

      • Maybe this is why my 6yo wakes up every day and asks “Who’s coming today?” (therapists) and “Where are we going today?” (because I could pull anything out of my butt).

  2. So I kinda suck at life. I’ve been trying really hard to make life the way it should be so that I don’t suck at it…but I kinda suck at that too most days. Turns out I can function very well in a cube as a PM, but place me outside of the cube and I lose all of my magical PM powers. I don’t understand. BUT, I have chickens, so meh.

  3. I think you over estimate when you say we are flying. I think most of us are falling and some of us have style and some – like me – don’t even have style. More of a flailing when I fall. Can’t wait to hear about your trip!

  4. I have no insight , but life as “falling with style” and “freaking out over adventuring without warning” made me laugh at work:-)

  5. First, I’m sure you’ll have fun because you’re team Stimey. (Unless of course someone loses their crap over a perceived wrong, over stimulation, or simply a run of mill meltdown.

  6. Ha! since I am reading you blog backwards I know it turned out successfully! Nothing wrong with last minute planning. I call it adventurous spontaneity, even if it ticks of my wife when I “plan” that way.

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