Meet Bean Clawdia Josie MooShroom Francis Fleur Hermione Hippo

In case you don’t remember, at our last meeting I asked you all to give me suggestions for names for this little girl:

Wait, what? Me?

Wait, what? Me?

You did not disappoint.

It almost—ALMOST—makes me wish I had 40 or 50 more gerbils for all of you to name. If any of you are trying to name a pet, please check out the comments on that post, because not only will you laugh hysterically, you will also get many, many good ideas.

I'll wait here while you do that.

I’ll just wait here and chew on this while you do that.

You can see how difficult this decision was for me. But a decision had to be made, so I buckled down and laughed my way through the list several times only to notice that I kept coming back to Lisa’s suggestion for Edwina Scissorpaws. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I did not, however, care for Edwina. But then my friend Jen, who was in town visiting me for the weekend, suggested Edie Scissorpaws.


Call her Edie, call her Scissorpaws, just don’t call her after midnight.


Meet Ms. Edie Scissorpaws. She will cut a bitch.

Thank you all for your suggestions! You make my funny bone happy. And a huge thanks to Lisa and Jen for making Edie’s funny bone happy.


Jack had an IEP meeting yesterday afternoon and it was smooth and easy and I don’t think we were pushed around by the system. After putting in a lot of years at IEP meetings where, even though his team was amazing, I walked out with a clenched jaw from the stress, it was lovely to spend a pretty relaxed hour saying nice things about my kid and his teachers. I reflected on this over at White Knuckle Parenting: Doing Time at the IEP Meeting.

4 thoughts on “Meet Bean Clawdia Josie MooShroom Francis Fleur Hermione Hippo

  1. Great choice! Maybe Edie will enjoy creating mini bonsai topiaries.
    PS: I loved the movie, though I recall sobbing at times. Sometimes you need a good cry.

  2. Lovely! I can already tell what a dainty, demure little gerbil she is already! Ha!

    BTW – got some weird feed error a couple of times, had to come to the blog proper, as opposed to the post. Not that there is anything proper about Stimeyland. :) Could just be me, but letting you know.

  3. With nails like that I’m scared to go to sleep at night! (I’ve always been terrified by hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, mice, etc.) but I do love the name. It suits her…and awesome on the IEP meeting!! Good ones are hard to come by. Glad you got yours :-)

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