Hi, friends! Things are going well here in Lake Placid on Jack’s hockey tournament. We had a really lovely day exploring the town and the hotel and then Jack skated on one of the most famous ice rinks in all of America.


Possibly my new favorite photo of Jack and me.


That’s my baby skating on Olympic ice!

We did lots of really fun happy stuff today that I will tell you about later. We’re not going to dwell on the skinned knee from my dramatic fall to the sidewalk in front of practically everybody I know or the new, tessellated screen on my iPad resulting from an unfortunate meeting of it and some concrete. We’re just not going to fucking dwell on that shit, okay?

Instead, we’ll focus on how (with the exception of the 20 minutes after he dropped the iPad) every time I look at Jack when I’m on these tournaments, I am reminded of how in love with him I am and how lucky I am that he is in my life. He is adorable and hilarious and full of love and tenacity. I am so happy to be here with him.

4 thoughts on “Placid

  1. Always so unbelievably impressed seeing Jack on skates. Awesome guy.
    Tenacity indeed…just wrote about watching our eldest tackling an indoor climbing wall and how tenacious he had to be to get to the top. And, eventually, he did!
    Our special dudes are just magical aren’t they?

  2. This sounds like a great trip – aside from the skinned knee and broken iPad. [Which is worse, I wonder? I know a great ortho practice should you need it. Per e-mail. :) ]
    I hope the Cheetahs win! From what you’ve written about them, I’m sure they’ll have a great time even if they don’t.

    • Oh, just realized how that might sound. I meant, an ortho practice for your knee … not for one of the kids! Clearly, I need to think more before typing.

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