In Dreams


I would like to do a little bragging about Sam for a minute. He has been playing flute for a couple of years now and today at his school’s spring concert, he had his first solo. He has been practicing really hard. He was having a little trouble for a while, but after we figured out that his flute needed to be adjusted—not him—it all came together.

See Sam perform In Dreams from Lord of the Rings at his concert. (Also see my finger in front of the lens.)

I’m so proud.

15 thoughts on “In Dreams

  1. That was SOOO AWESOME!!!

    I love the flute. I tried to play it when I was about Sam’s age and I had to quit because it made me really dizzy. :(

  2. Well done Sam! Beautifully played.

    I am in awe of anyone who is prepared to stand up on stage and perform in front of an audience. My worst nightmare.

    It feels so great to be a proud parent doesn’t it?

  3. Way to go, Sam!!! Bravo from a former flautist of 15 years.

    The cameo of the finger on the other hand? Needs a little work. ;)

  4. *I* am beaming with pride, so I bet you’re lighting up the whole county! :-D Well done Sam! A lovely, unflustered performance – it’s hard to play in front of people, even when you’ve practised as hard as you obviously have. I’m impressed.

  5. Beautiful! He looks so composed up there.
    I also played flute, and switched to tenor sax b/c I wanted to be in the jazz band. Also, I had a crush on my neighbor Frank, who played alto. So that was a factor. :)
    Anyway, the notes are the same on flute and sax, so it’s easy to play both.

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