The Day of 1000 Cakes

Guess who is 8 years old today. No really. Guess.

Did you guess this shifty looking dude?

Did you guess this shifty looking dude?

‘Cause you’d be right.

Quinn was a little bummed out that his birthday fell on a school day, so we worked really hard to make sure he felt it was special. We let him open a couple of gifts first thing in the morning (including that awesome Minecraft shirt in the photo above) and we gave him cake almost immediately upon waking.

I should explain the cake. We have these awesome neighbors. Every year for Christmas they bring us a coffee cake. Quinn LIVES for this coffee cake. Every single time my neighbor walks into our house, Quinn runs up and asks if she has coffee cake with her.

She almost never does.

But! A couple of days ago, she brought over a coffee cake so Quinn would wake up to it this morning. I hid it in the freezer and pulled it out last night and put it on the counter. You should have seen his face. He was DELIGHTED.

Cake count: 1

Then it was off to school where he was celebrated on the bus with the happy birthday song and his classroom, where he shared mini-cupcakes and was celebrated again.

Cake count: 2

I had a brand new bag of flavor blasted goldfish crackers (his favorite) for him when he got off the bus, but he skipped those and went straight for leftover cupcakes.

Cake count: 3-5

I collected all my kids and we did homework and then I let Quinn open one more gift. (I made him wait until Alex got home from work to open most of them. I am terribly cruel.) This one gift, however, held him over for a while because it was the greatest gift in the history of gifts.



That’s right. I bought a large device that only does one thing—a thing that the ice maker in the refrigerator door pretty much does already—and is basically a delivery device for sugary syrup. This is probably the biggest waste of money in the world. But you know what?

I think you'll agree that it was worth every penny.

It was worth every penny.

Happily, Alex arrived home shortly after I sugared them up and Quinn was able to (finally) open his gifts.

We now own all of the Minecraft things. All of them. No really.

We now own all of the Minecraft things. All of them. No really.

After that, we ate dinner and then…

Wait. What did we do after dinner? Oh, right.


Even better, ice cream cake covered in tiny plastic cats.

Even better, ice cream cake covered in twelve tiny plastic cats.

Cake count: 6


Don’t be alarmed, Sam. They’re just…sizing you up…you know…for later.

Happy birthday to my funny, quirky, smart, adorable, hilarious Q-ball. You’re the awesomest 8-year-old I know. (And that’s saying something, because I know some pretty cool 8-year-olds.)


One of these cats was “scary” and didn’t make the final cut.

And with that, I bid adieu to birthday season until October. Thank God.

18 thoughts on “The Day of 1000 Cakes

  1. The perfect birthday except for one thing. I wish I had been there to celebrate with the Mighty Quinn! What great gift ideas! I can’t believe the cake count. It seems it would be hard to top the coffee cake surprise, but that cat cake finale may be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! Happy Birthday, Q!

  2. And I thought WE were the ultimate cake eating family!

    I can see a teen-sized copy of that t-shirt in our son’s very near future.

    I LOVE the look of the Oreo ice cream cake, but the cat clowder on top slightly freaks me out.

    Happy Birthday Quinn!

  3. I LOVE the cat cake!

    We keep acquiring more and more Minecraft stuff. Henry is getting two Minecraft shirts (one creeper-face one from ThinkGeek, one Steve shirt from Target) this year.

  4. Happy Birthday! And…Holy Fuck when did Quinn get so old looking? What happened to Mr. Cherub face? Wearing the yellow shirt? Where’d he go? Eight? EIGHT?

  5. My reaction to this post was really disjointed…

    “Eight??? EIGHT???? EIGHT???!?!?!?!?!”



    Quinn is perfect.

  6. I want to thank you for letting me know I am not the only mom out there who has a kid who could eat cake at any moment of the day–and will on his big day. My youngest (who turns 4 in June) has already planned his “day of cake”. It will be similar to Quinn’s, except minus cats. My guess is that he may request some birds, though, which has it’s own level of quirkiness to it. Happy 8th birthday to Quinn!

  7. HBD to Quinn. Also, in that first photo, more than one cat seemingly glows from within. Now THAT is scary. Though the overall cake is adorable.

  8. Happy Birthday to Quinn! Even though I’m a couple of days late.

    Random observation 1: Jack’s & Quinn’s birthdays are only 11 days apart. Wow. I can see why you are over birthdays by that point.

    Random observation 2: My Quinn has that same Minecraft shirt. Dad got it for her at an Anime Con.

  9. Happy Birthday, Quinn!
    Can you post a picture of the scary-looking cat?

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